Customizing the Dashboard Layout

Thanks to the customizable nature of YAPI, you can personalize the layout of the Dashboard to your liking. This article describes the tools provided and steps required to fully take advantage of the Dashboard's flexibility. 

To organize the areas on the dashboard, click, drag, and resize them like so:


TIP: Double-clicking the grey title bar of each area/operatory can temporarily expand its width to fit more content (including hidden patient alerts and icons).

Once you are content with the layout of the Dashboard, you can save, share, or reset your Dashboard.

Right-click anywhere on the dark gray background behind the objects on the Dashboard and hover over the Dashboard Layout menu.


Select one of the following options to perform their respective actions:

  • Store Layout will store the current arrangement of the Dashboard upon restarting YAPI on this machine only. The size of the window and the positions of the elements on the Dashboard will be retained.

  • Restore Layout will restore the Dashboard to the last configuration saved prior to any changes made (Store Layout will overwrite the previous layout).
  • Share Layout will broadcast the layout of the current workstation's dashboard to all of the workstations and override their stored layouts (requires restarting YAPI on each workstation to take effect).

  • Export Layout will save the layout to an XML file which can be imported from any workstation. (A helpful option when only certain workstations will be arranged in the same fashion)

  • Import Layout allows you to import an exported XML file containing a Dashboard layout.

  • Arrange will automatically reorganize the Dashboard’s elements to their default positions.

NOTE: To restore the default dashboard layout across all workstations, select Arrange and then Share Layout. You will have to restart YAPI on each workstation for this to take effect.

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