Red Bar Across the Bottom of the Dashboard


NOTE: This article is about a red bar appearing at the bottom of the Dashboard. If a red bar appears at the top of the Dashboard, read Red Bar Across the Top of the Dashboard.

A red bar spanning the bottom of the Dashboard within the YAPI desktop application indicates difficulty reaching our server over the Internet.

If you plan on troubleshooting this on your own, it is recommended that you first enlist the help of your IT administrator(s) before following the troubleshooting procedure outlined below.

NOTE: Before proceeding, understand that if this red bar is appearing on all of the workstations, configuration changes must be made at the server level, whereas changes must be made locally (per workstation) if it only occurs on a select few or individual workstations.


1. Verify that your machine is connected to the Internet

Locate the Windows Task Tray at the lower right-hand corner of your desktop. You will find an icon that looks similar to this:


Click this icon to verify the status of your Internet connection. From the panel that appears, you can also access networking settings if there does appear to be a problem connecting to the Internet. Please be sure to consult with your IT or technical administrators before changing or configuring networking settings.

You may also confirm the status of your Internet connection by attempting to access a website via any web browser (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc).

Internet connection intermittency (connection failure from time to time) due to faulty network equipment, poor Internet service, hardware, software, or any combination of these variables may also contribute to the red bar appearing on occasion.


2. Verify the status of your DNS settings

WARNING: Please avoid making changes to DNS settings without the guidance of a technical professional.

If your IT administrator(s) have configured a local DNS server at your office that all of the workstations are pointing to, it is possible that it cannot resolve our hostname (

Local DNS servers are configured to forward unknown DNS queries, typically to a large public DNS server. Google's public and free DNS servers have been proven reliable. You can configure local workstations or the server to point to one or both of the following addresses:

If you are reconfiguring DNS settings per-workstation, it is recommended that you use both of the addresses ( as "Preferred DNS server" and as "Alternate DNS server") to ensure the most reliable configuration possible.


Please let us know if you have any questions or require assistance, and we would be glad to assist you!


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