Troubleshooting: Red Bar Across the Top of the Dashboard

If you see a red bar across the top of your YAPI Dashboard, this indicates difficulty processing your practice's payment for YAPI or issues verifying the status of your account. To fix this, all you need to do is make sure your payment method is up to date in YAPI's Billing Portal and restart your YAPI Service by following the steps below.


Note: This article is about a red bar appearing at the top of the Dashboard. If a red bar appears at the bottom of the Dashboard, please see Troubleshooting: Red Bar Across the Bottom of the Dashboard instead.

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Step 1: Checking Your Payment Information

Important! These steps must be completed by the YAPI account holder or a trusted representative with access to the practice's payment information and the email address used for the account.

To check that your payment information for YAPI is up to date and correct:

  1. Navigate to our Help Center Homepage ( and click the Billing Portal link in the top right corner:


  2. Enter the email address for your YAPI account, then click Continue:


  3. Check your email for a temporary password:


    Then, enter this password on the Billing Portal page and click Login:


  4. In the Manage Subscriptions window that pops up, you'll likely see a message under the Payment Methods section indicating that your payment method has expired:


    • If you DO see this message: Proceed to the next step.
    • If you DON'T see this message: Proceed to Removing the Red Bar below.

  5. To update your payment method, click Payment Methods:


  6. Click on the your current payment method to update it OR click New to enter new payment information:


  7. Select the Credit Card, PayPal, or ACH (to pay by checking account) tab for the payment method you want to use.  Then, enter your payment information and click Add:


    This runs the payment with the new method immediately.  To make sure the payment has gone through, wait about 10 minutes, then proceed to Removing the Red Bar below.


Step 2: Removing the Red Bar

Once you know your payment information is up to date, you have two options for removing the red bar: you can simply wait for the bar to clear overnight and it'll be gone in the morning or, if you prefer to remove it immediately, restart your YAPI Service by following the steps below.

Important! If you choose to remove the bar immediately, this process will shut down YAPI on all workstations and iPads for about 5 minutes.  We recommend that before you start these steps, your team knows about the restart and there are no patients currently completing iPad paperwork. 
  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, click Tools Tools.png. Select Administrative Tools, then YAPI Service, then Restart Service:


  2. Wait for YAPI to shut down on all workstations.  After five minutes have passed, reopen YAPI on your workstations.  

If your payment information is up to date but the red bar still appears when you restart YAPI, please contact our Customer Support team and let them know that you've already checked your payment method in the Billing Portal.


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