What's the Difference between the Huddle, Daily Activity, and KPI Reports?

YAPI has created a variety of reports that can be used to help you get ready for the day ahead, optimize your appointment schedule and shows you the health of your practice's performance. It points out information to you that helps you identify opportunities for improvement and where you stand. This article discusses the various reports YAPI provides and how they can help you manage your practice.

Virtual Huddle Report (beginning of day)


In a dental office, a team huddle sets the tone for the day. It prepares your dental team for a successful execution and helps to navigate occasional hiccups. Ideally, a team huddle gives every team member the opportunity to identify his or her concerns or opportunities.

The problem most offices experience is that there is little time to prepare for the team huddle in advance and last minute changes in the schedule can throw off even the best engineered schedule. To overcome these problems we designed YAPI's Virtual Huddle. A powerful tool that helps keep everyone on the team connected and on the same page. It helps you plan your day, handle the unexpected, resolve bottlenecks, come up with a game plan, and take advantage of the opportunities on the schedule. 

YAPI's virtual huddle updates in real time, meaning, even when the huddle changes last minute, the changes are reflected in the huddle report and can be taken into consideration when planning for a perfect day.

A Front Office team member or a Scheduling Coordinator can use the Virtual Huddle to see which patients are coming in with past due balances that need to be collected. This gives them time to plan ahead and investigate where these balances are coming from and be prepared to discuss it with the patient while a Hygienist can use the Virtual Huddle to see which patients are past due for a hygiene appointment to see if anyone can be seen or scheduled for an appointment today in the event that there is a change in the schedule. 

The Virtual Huddle has the following information:

  • Notes about upcoming appointments and patients
  • Patient's allergies, medical alerts, and medications listed in your practice management software
  • Appointment notes, history of broken appointments, current birthdays and notes about the patient's preferences
  • Patient's balances
  • Past due hygiene appointments
  • Scheduled production for the day; production goal, how close you are to meeting this goal, how many days you have left, and how much you need to produce today to stay on track.

Virtual Huddle is an interactive tool. It allows you to review the Virtual Huddle report for the future dates and make notes. These notes will show on the Virtual Huddle report and will also pop up as a patient alert when the patients arrive at the office. You can also create patient alerts, view their profile picture, switch to the patient record in your practice management software, text or email a patient, and add documents and forms for patients to fill out, review and sign when they get to the office.

Virtual Huddle can be used on your YAPI desktop or through your iPad App. 

Daily Activity Reports (end of day)


A Daily Activity Report is like your daily report card. It shows you how well you did in general and it provides important details about each appointment. There are several ways to use a daily activity report. Most of the time you will use the Daily Activity report to determine whether you're continuing to stay on target and identify potential trends. Other times you might look into individual appointments or events in detail to figure out what works best and what can be improved. The Daily Activity Report gathers data from different sources and compiles all of this data into a concise, easy to read report that gives you a better understanding of your practice's strengths and opportunities in the following areas:

  • Schedule management
  • Time management
  • New patient analysis
  • Broken appointment management
  • Production and collection

The Daily Activity reports shows the following:


  • Number of patients seen for the day
  • Number of new patients
  • Number of late patients
  • Number of patients that waited too long to be seated
  • Number of appointments that went over their allotted time
  • Average and maximum wait time
  • Number of appointments canceled 
  • Number of appointments scheduled on the same day
  • Total production and collection for the day

Providers: Breakdown of patients seen, average wait time, and production by a provider.

Operatory Use: Total time each operatory has been used and the percentage of usage.

Appointments: You can view appointment activity for each patient seen.

Quick KPI Reports


KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators. Quick KPI Reports were designed to easily access your practice's numbers. While Quick KPI Reports don't replace detailed daily, monthly, or annual reports, Quick KPI Reports make it very easy to check your most critical practice metric on a daily basis to determine whether you are staying on track on meeting your practice goals. YAPI pulls data from your practice management software and compiles this data into an easy to understand visual report.

At one glance you can see the following: 

  • Current month and year to date:
    • Patients
    • New Patients
    • Total productions
    • Adjustments
    • Adjusted production
    • Collection
    • Production per patient
  • The same information is broken down by provider.
  • Graphs to illustrate different practice trends for the past 12 months:
    • Daily production/collection
    • Production vs Collection
    • Patient treated
    • New Patients
    • Production per patient
    • Production vs Goal
  • A Dial showing production versus goal

Quick KPIs can be used on your YAPI desktop or through your iPad App.

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