Managing and Repairing your Open Dental Lists

If you are having trouble saving or interacting with your Medical History form on the iPad, YAPI may not be properly syncing your lists from Open Dental.

In order to ensure that YAPI pulls the lists of Medical Conditions, Allergies, and Medications properly from Open Dental, a few checks need to be administered in order to preserve the integrity of these lists. Failure to adhere to the following conditions may result in the Medical History form malfunctioning (conditions and medications may not present themselves properly, or interacting with elements of the form will cause crashing on the iPad).

This article contains the following sections:

Hide, Remove, and Merge Duplicates

A. Identify Duplicates

Before anything else, you must check to see if your lists contain duplicate entries.

  1. Click the Tools icon at the top, and navigate to Administrative Tools, then Lists.


  2. Click and open one of the lists. If there are duplicates in your Open Dental lists, a dialog box will appear detailing which entries are duplicated. Make a note of these duplicates.


B. Hide/Delete Medical Conditions and Allergies

  1. Switch to Open Dental and navigate to the Lists menu at the top. Problems correlates to Medical Conditions in YAPI, and the other two are self-explanatory. Open the Problems list.


  2. Within this list, double-click on a duplicate entry to pull up a configuration window, and check the Hidden box; then click OK. You can also choose to delete the duplicate entirely by clicking on the Delete button.


  3. Repeat this process for the Allergies list.

WARNING: If an entry in any of your Open Dental lists begins with a number or special character (apostrophe, ampersand, quotation mark, comma, etc.) (barring very few exceptions), it will break the list within YAPI, and the Medical History form will not function properly. Be sure to edit or remove any entires in your Open Dental list which contain numbers or special characters at the beginning.

You can edit list entries within Open Dental by double-clicking them, and modifying the description field.

C. Merge Medications

You cannot delete or hide medications associated with patients. Thus, you must merge duplicate medications. All patients associated to either copy of the medication will become associated with a single, merged medication. 

For information on how to merge medications, see the article: Merge Medications, from the Open Dental online user manual.

Add the "Other" Option

You must ensure that every list in Open Dental has an entry named "Other". YAPI's medical history form gives patients the option to manually type conditions not included in your Open Dental lists. When transferring the medical history data to the patient's chart within Open Dental, YAPI appends the patient's comment as a note to the "Other" entry. If this entry doesn't exist, you will encounter difficulty filling out and transferring the medical history form.

  1. From each list in Open Dental, select the Add button to create a new entry (for medications, it's labeled "Add Generic")


  2. From the dialog box that appears, enter "Other" in the Description/Drug Name field and click OK.

TIP: When patients fill out the Medical History Form and add unlisted conditions, medications, or allergies, you can append them to "Other" in Open Dental as a note when you submit the data to the patient's file, rather than polluting your lists with extraneous entries: 


When filing the Medical History form, simply click the warning triangle above the textbox with the unlisted entry, and then click Copy to Other. 

Save and Finalize your Changes in YAPI

Once you have completed all of your modifications to your Open Dental lists, you must sync the changes within YAPI.

  1. Access each list and uncheck Other, then click Save. If you still have duplicates, you will be unable to save.


  2. Once this is done, you will be prompted by several dialog boxes.


    Select Yes for each dialog box that appears. After a moment, the window will close.


  3. Once you have repeated this process for every list, Click the Tool Bag at the top, and navigate to Administrative Tools, then click on Reset Lists at the bottom of the lists category.


If you have successfully administered and verified all of the changes described in this article, you should be all set! If patients were experiencing difficulty filling out the Medical History form before, they will no longer encounter any issues.

Please contact us if you still require assistance repairing your Open Dental lists!

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