Enabling and Using The Phone Assistant

Phone Assistant works magic by cross-referencing incoming phone calls with the appropriate patient information from your practice management software, serving up informative cards complete with relevant content regarding the patient's appointments, contact details, and more. With important and precise information automatically displayed, team members can take care of everything without missing crucial details or putting the patient on hold.

Read on to find out how you can make the most of this feature.

NOTE: Phone Assistant is an add-on feature for existing YAPI plans. If you haven't already, you must discuss adding this feature to your plan with a sales agent, who will accordingly schedule an installation with one of our support agents. See Contact Us to find out how to get in touch with us.

Enabling Phone Assistant

In YAPI, you can set up the extension(s) you would like enabled to trigger Phone Assistant pop-up windows on your desktop. To enable Phone Assistant on a workstation, follow this procedure:

  1. Within the YAPI desktop app, select the wrench icon from the top row of icons, and click "Local Setup".

  2. Click the button labeled "Configure" located on the left side in the rectangular area labeled "Phone Assistant":


  3. The window pictured below will appear. Check the box labeled "Alert on incoming calls to" and enter the appropriate lines in the box next to it separated with commas. Your support agent likely disclosed which lines to enter here after the initial installation of Phone Assistant.


    From here, you can also adjust the behavior of the popup, its position on screen, and whether or not you'd like it to appear before you take the call.

TIP: If you are using Phone Assistant you can enable ‘Dial out’ to quickly make outbound calls from your computer. Enable dialing out by clicking on the "Enabled" checkbox on this configuration window. Simply select/highlight any number on any window/application and dial out by pressing "Ctrl" + the selected key (T by default) at the same time. If no number is present; enter the number you'd like to dial out to.

Receiving Calls

Receiving calls will trigger different popups depending on the circumstances of the call.

Scenario 1: The Patient is NOT an Existing Patient

If the patient is NOT an existing patient in your practice management software, you will receive information about incoming calls in two places:

  1. At the notification tray, usually located on the bottom right-hand corner of the desktop:


  2. A green bar will appear across the bottom of the Dashboard with information regarding the call.


Scenario 2: The Patient is an Existing Patient

This is where Phone Assistant really shines. If Phone Assistant recognizes the phone number as belonging to an existing patient from your practice management software, the previously mentioned notifications will appear, as well as an informative caller information panel detailing relevant information regarding the patient and their appointments. If multiple family members are found, you can quickly toggle views between each family member.


This saves you the hassle of having to scavenge through complicated interfaces to pull up important details about incoming calls. Phone Assistant gathers this data for you and presents it in a digestible package. Across several calls a day, you will definitely appreciate the efficiency and saved time.

If you have any questions regarding Phone Assistant or its implementation, please feel free to reach out to us!

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