Sending Appointment Reminders Manually

Occasionally, you may find yourself wanting to manually send an appointment reminder to a patient for a number of reasons. Whether you feel that a specific patient needs some extra prodding, or a technical error earlier in the day impeded reminders from automatically going out, the processes outlined in this article will help you get your reminders dispatched in a breeze.

WARNING: Forced appointment reminders will not be negated if automated reminders have already been delivered, or are scheduled to be sent later that day. Using any of the methods described here may result in patients receiving duplicate reminders.  

Sending a Reminder to a Single Patient

If you are only looking to send an appointment reminder to a single patient, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Patient Finder by clicking the Patient icon (the icon which looks like 2 people on the far left) and clicking Patient Finder in the list that appears.


  2. Click on the Appointment tab, then select the date of the appointment for the patient who you'd like to send the reminder to, and, finally, click Search.


  3. Click on the patient who you'd like to send an appointment reminder to. In the context menu that appears, select Send Appointment Reminder.


  4. In the window that appears, relevant appointment details will automatically populate their respective fields. From here, you can select an email reminder template or text reminder template by clicking the arrow buttons next to their fields:


  5. Click Send once you have selected the appropriate template(s), and your patient's appointment reminder will be well on its way to their inbox!

Sending Appointment Reminders to All Patients for a Specific Date

In order to manually send appointment reminders en masse to all patients scheduled on a certain date, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Navigate to the Tools icon at the top of the Dashboard, and then locate Administrative Tools >>Appointment Reminders >> Send Reminders.


  2. In the window that appears, select which date you'd like to send reminders for, and then select from the predefined email or text reminder templates.


  3. Click Ok once you have selected the appropriate template(s), and your patients appointment reminders will be well on its way to their inboxes!

If you've followed this article precisely up to this point, then your appointment reminders should be well on their way to their intended recipients. If you still have concerns or had any trouble performing the steps outlined here, please let us know and we will be glad to assist you!

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