Sending a Manual Appointment Reminder to a Patient

While YAPI's Appointment Reminders send automatically, you may, on occasion, need to send an extra one, either because a patient deleted theirs or because a specific patient needs an extra push to confirm.  Follow the steps in the article below to send an extra reminder to a patient.

If you need to send reminders en masse that haven't gone out because of a server or internet issue, see Manually Sending Appointment Reminders That Didn't Go Out for the Day instead.

Warning! Manually sent appointment reminders don't replace scheduled automated reminders. Sending reminders manually may result in patients receiving duplicates.  



  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, click Patients Patients.png and select Patient Finder.

  2. When the Patient Finder pops up, click the Appointments tab.

  3. Select the date of the appointment for the patient you're sending a reminder to, then click Search.

  4. Click on the patient's name and in the menu that appears, select Send Appointment Reminder.


  5. When the Send a Reminder window pops up, click the double arrow >> button next to Email, Mobile, or both to select a template for the reminder. We recommend using "GT - Email Reminder General" for emails and "Text Reminder" for texts.


  6. Click Send!

Warning! Do not send single manual reminders through the Communication Tower Communication.png; only send them via the Patient Finder as instructed above.  Using the Communication Tower won't properly merge in the patient's appointment information.  For more about which merge tags work with Appointment Reminders through the Patient Finder, see Merge Tags for Email Templates and Merge Tags for Automated Text Messages.


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