Docking the Keyboard on your iPad

Sometimes, you may find that that the keyboard on your iPad gets placed in the middle of the screen, making it difficult for a patient to read their form. The solution is to "dock" the iPad's keyboard using the instructions below, keeping it fixed to the bottom of the screen.

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Docking the iPad Keyboard



  1. With a patient checked into the YAPI Dashboard, open the YAPI iPad app.

  2. From the Dashboard of the app, swipe across on any patient to open the Forms and Documents page.

  3. Scroll down to the Forms section and tap on any form to open it.

  4. Tap any box that requires typing in an answer (like a Name, Tooth Number, or Name if Not the Patient).

  5. When the keyboard opens, tap and hold the keyboard icon iOS Keyboard Icon at the bottom right corner and select Dock.  

Tip: Tap Hide Keyboard to remove the keyboard from view completely.  The keyboard will then pop up the next time a patient taps on an answer box that requires it.



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