Postcard Types

YAPI allows you to generate and print two types of postcards; regular postcards and envelope postcards. They both need to be printed on 4Up postcard templates. 4Up templates have microperforated edges for easy break & tear when printing the postcards. The sheet itself is a normal size page 8.5" x 11" with each postcard measuring 5.5" x 4.25" (4/sheet). This type of paper is often ordered through a dental supplier with many design options on the front side, and a blank back side for printing and adding the recipient address.

Read on to find out what the differences are.

Regular Postcards


A regular postcard has a graphic or image on one side and the other side contains a message on the left half alongside an address and a stamp attached on the right half. It gets mailed on its own without an envelope.

Envelope Postcards


An envelope postcard has a graphic or image on one side and a message across the other side. It gets mailed in an envelope that has an address label. When you choose to print an envelope postcard in YAPI, as well as printing the postcard it also prints its address labels. The address labels are printed on special paper. YAPI prints the labels for 30 1" x 2-5/8" rectangular address labels (30 address labels/page, divided across 3 columns and 10 rows).

Now that you're familiar with postcard types, browse our Postcard Library and learn how to import postcards to YAPI.

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