Using YAPI's Care Call List

The Care Call List is a versatile yet simple to use intra-office reminder system built into YAPI. Referencing the Care Call List makes it easy for physicians and staff to track patients who may require follow-up contact after an appointment. Whether the patient underwent an operation or had a rough hygiene appointment, see below for how to best make use of the Care Call List in any situation. 

This article contains the following sections:

Adding Patients to the Care Call List

Method 1: Add Patients During Check-out

  1. Drag and drop a patient avatar from an operatory to the Check-Out area. The Checkout Notes window to appear. For information on how to check a patient in, read Patient Flow Management.

  2. Check the box labeled Add to Care Call List, located in the lower-right section of the window.

  3. Add any relevant notes in the text box below the checkbox.

  4. Select the date you would like to be reminded to contact the patient.

  5. Click the Checkout button when you're done.


NOTE: You will have one final opportunity to modify the patient's Care Call notes during dismissal. Right clicking on the patient's avatar in the Check-out Area and clicking Dismiss will evoke the dismissal window, where the Care Call notes can be adjusted one last time in the lower right-hand corner. Once the patient has been dismissed completely, the Care Call Reminder will be added to the list.

Method 2: Add Patients to the List via Patient Finder

Alternatively, Care Call Reminders can be set up before or after a patient is checked into the office via the Patient Finder.

  1. Click the Patients menu at the top-left of the Dashboard (locate the icon that looks like two people in blue and green colored shirts), and then select Patient Finder.

  2. Search for the patient you'd like to add a Care Call Reminder by name, phone number, or any other given option at the top of the window.

  3. Click the patient's name from the list below. In the context menu that appears, click on Add to Care Call List.


  4. Enter any details pertaining to the Care Call Reminder in the window that appears. Be sure to select the appropriate date to be reminded on. 

  5. Click the Add button when you're done.

Viewing and Marking Care Call Reminders

There are several locations where you can access Care Call Reminders in order to ensure that you encounter them and take action.

Method 1: View Care Call Reminders via Daily Reports

You can view (but not modify) Care Call Reminders for the day by accessing either the Daily Activity Report or the Daily Huddle from the Dashboard.

Daily Activity Report

  1. Click the Reports menu (bar graph icon) at the top of the Dashboard, and then click on Daily Activity Report.

  2. Click the Get button to pull the report for today's date.

    NOTE: To pull the report for any other date, click the date menu at the lower-left corner and select any other available date then click the Get button.

    The Daily Activity Report will include all Care Call reminders scheduled for the selected date. Reminders that have been marked as completed will be denoted with a green check mark.


Daily Huddle

  1. Select the Huddle menu (the icon that looks like two people standing next to each other) at the top of the Dashboard, and then click on Daily Huddle.

  2. Click the Get button to pull the report for today's date.

    NOTE: To pull the report for any other date, click the date menu at the lower-right corner and select any other available date then click the Get button.

    Unlike the Daily Activity Report, the Daily Huddle will NOT tell you when a Care Call reminder has been acted upon.


For more information about the discrepancies between the Daily Huddle and the Daily Activity Report, read What's the Difference between the Huddle, Daily Activity, and KPI Reports?

Method 2: Email the Care Call List Automatically

YAPI can be configured to email the Care Call list automatically to a desired email recipient.

To configure this:

  1. Access the Global Setup under the Setup and Manage menu (the wrench icon). Enter your password and click Ok when prompted.

  2. Navigate to the right-most tab labeled Reports.

  3. In the pink, bottom-right section labeled Care Call, check the box labeled Email to, and add an appropriate email address in the field beside it. You can also configure what time you'd like to receive the email, whether you'd like to receive the list pertaining to that day or the following day, and whether or not you'd like the email to include past-due reminders.


  4. Click Save once you are done.

Method 3: Access the Care Call List Directly

Perhaps the simplest method for accessing the Care Call List, click on the Reports icon from the top of the Dashboard and select Care Call List.


From here, all Care Call Reminders scheduled for today's date as well as past-due reminders will be displayed, along with relevant patient information, their last appointment date, and the notes entered at the time of the reminder's creation.


To indicate that a Care Call Reminder has been acknowledged, click the box on the left side of the reminder and select the button labeled Mark Done at the bottom. A green checkmark like the one pictured will take the place of the checkbox. 

A reminder is considered past-due once the originally scheduled date has passed without the reminder being marked as completed. Past-due reminders will be highlighted in red.

You can also print out the Care Call List to a sheet of paper by clicking the Print button.

By this point, if you still feel as though you don't have a full grasp on the Care Call list, contact us so we may answer any of your questions!

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