Creating a Postcard Template

This article describes the step-by-step process of creating a postcard template in YAPI. YAPI already comes with a set of default postcard templates that you can use as well as the availability of an online library of templates that you can view and download from our Postcard Templates Library in our Knowledgebase. However, if you want to create your own customer postcard templates, read on to find out how it is done.

To create a postcard template:

  1. Click on Wrench Icon (wrench icon) Setup & Manage on the YAPI Dashboard.

  2. Select the Manage Documents and Templates option from the drop-down menu.


    NOTE: You might be prompted to enter your password. If you expect to be in and out of the administration menu multiple times, you may opt to check the Remember Me For 10 Minutes box. If you're not sure what the password is, read What is YAPI's default password?

  3. Go to the Postcards tab.

  4. Click on the New button. A popup window will appear. 

  5. From the drop-down list choose the type of postcard (postcard or envelope) you want to create then click the OK button. For more on the difference between postcard types, read Postcard Types.

  6. Type the text you want to appear on the postcard. You can also include merge tags. Merge tags are placeholders for dynamic information that will be retrieved from your practice management system when it's time to generate and print the actual postcards.

    Possible merge tags you can include are: 

     Practice Name   [[PRACTICE]]
     Practice Phone  [[PHONE]]
     Practice Email  [[EMAIL]]
     Appointment Date *  [[APPOINTMENTDATE]]
     Appointment Time *  [[APPOINTMENTTIME]]
     Patient First Name  [[FIRST]]
     Patient Last Name   [[LAST]]
     Patient Preferred Name   [[PREFNAME]] 
     Today's Date   [[TODAY]]
     Current Year   [[YEAR]]

    *Automated Reminder and Recall postcards only. 


  7. When you're done compiling your postcard, click the Save button. You will be prompted to enter a name for your new template.

  8. Enter a name for your new template then click the OK button. The template should be saved and added to the template list.

Now that you've created your postcard template, it's time to use it! Read, How to Generate Postcards from YAPI.

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