Bring Your Own Number ™

Bring Your Own Number™ - BYON - feature (sometimes called YAPI Hosted SMS) provides a mechanism to send and receive messages via YAPI™ Dashboard or YAPI™ Automated Patient Engagement on the voice-enabled numbers you already own as part of your office communication tools. With BYON, your patient will receive text messages from your practice's phone number.

Currently, YAPI supports USA and Canada landline numbers that are not enabled for texting. Mobile numbers are not supported. VoIP numbers from some providers are supported.

To enable BYON, you must first verify your number with YAPI.

Secondly, you must first sign and send a Letter of Authorization (LOA) to your carrier. The signature should be from an Authorized end user of the phone number to enable texting capabilities. An Authorized end user is an individual who is a decision maker for the phone number. YAPI will create the LOA, email it to the Authorized end user to collect an electronic signature, then send it to your carrier for processing.

While creating the LOA, YAPI will collect the following information:

  • Business name and the corresponding service address associated with the phone number. This must be an actual physical address of your office
  • The Authorized user's first name, last name, title, email address (LOA will be sent to that email address), and phone number.

Please note that above information is mandated by the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) SMS Registrars.

After the LOA is signed, the process moves into a carrier-processing status. Once the number has been successfully registered for texting by the carrier, the number will move to the testing status with YAPI’s telecom provider for a short period. Testing will ensure inbound texting connectivity is functional. When testing is successful, YAPI will update your configuration to enable the use of your number for texting.

BYON Onboarding 

Step 1: Number Verification

The first step in the BYON Onboarding process is to verify your current voice-enabled number with YAPI.

First, you need to verify that the phone number you want to enable texting for BYON is eligible. If your number is a mobile number, please stop here - YAPI BYON will not work for you. If you are using POTS - Plain Old Telephone System - you are good. If you are using VOIP and you don't have SMS enabled, most likely your phone is eligible.

If you have any questions about your number’s BYON eligibility, we suggest you submit a request to YAPI.

Second, YAPI will perform a verification call. YAPI will provide you with a six-digit code and you will verify your number by answering the phone and dialing the same six-digit code. Make sure you have direct access to your phone system since you will need to answer the phone while looking at the YAPI Dashboard. YAPI will let you have several attempts to dial the code. You can repeat this process several times until you succeed.

If your phone system uses an Auto Attendant or an Interactive Voice Response system (when the customer must dial a digit or two to navigate the menu before the call rings a particular phone), please submit a request to YAPI and we will help you set-up this verification call.

To verify your number with YAPI:

  1. Open the YAPI Dashboard.

  2. Click on the Setup & Manage section (the wrench icon wrenchIcon.jpg)

  3. Select the Global Setup option from the drop-down menu.

  4. Go to the Practice tab.

  5. Find the Email section and make sure that the General inquiry email is correct and you have access to it. If needed, update email and click the Save button. 

  6. Go to the CT tab and enter your office voice number into the Caller Id (sometimes called Your Practice Number) field. Click the Verify button. YAPI will popup the box showing you the six-digit code that you will need to enter when YAPI calls your phone.


  7. When your phone rings, dial the six-digit code and listen for the response.

  8. When YAPI confirms that your phone was successfully verified, click the OK button to close the window.

  9. Return to the Practice tab and click the Save button (important!).

Step 2: Filling in the LOA form

Once YAPI successfully verifies your number, you will receive an email from YAPI with the subject “YAPI BYON and Hosted SMS Order.”.
  1. Once you read the whole email and have all the information that you need to fill in the LOA form, click the Click here to continue orange button at the bottom of your email.


  2. You will be directed to the following screen. Enter all required information.


  3. When you’re done filling in the form, click the CONTINUE button. YAPI will ask you to confirm the information.

YAPI will launch the onboarding process immediately by verifying your phone number eligibility. In some rare cases, YAPI will show you the error message that may look like the following:


The above message indicates that your phone is not eligible for BYON. If you see this or a similar message please submit a request to YAPI.

Otherwise just close the window and wait for the email from HelloSign that should arrive shortly (typically in few minutes). If the email never arrives, please check whether the email address in YAPI is correct and that there is no spam filtering on your email account that may hide or delete the email. Again please submit a request to YAPI so we can further assist you.


Step 3: Signing the LOA

The email from HelloSign will arrive in your mailbox.



Click the REVIEW & SIGN button and follow the instructions. Make sure that the information in LOA is correct. Once you sign and submit the LOA your landline carrier will begin processing your order. It usually takes one business day for a USA and Canada landline to be processed (enable for texting, test inbound connectivity, and provision to your account).

Step 4: Switching YAPI to BYON Number

Once we receive a message from your carrier that your voice number was successfully text enabled, we remotely switch YAPI to the BYON number. In some cases, we will need to contact your office prior to switching and will need to get access to YAPI in your office.

To verify whether your voice number was successfully text enabled in YAPI, simply:

  • Send a text message from YAPI Dashboard to your mobile phone to verify that the message comes from your office phone.
  • Send a text to your number and see if it appears on your YAPI Dashboard.
  • Send a text message to your old texting number to verify delivery to YAPI Dashboard (please remember that your old texting number will be released in two weeks after the successful switch to BYON).
  • Text Boomerang to the BYON number and the old YAPI number from your mobile phone to test connectivity. Boomerang feature is available on YAPI 1.4.353 and allows you to test message delivery and performance.


How do I know if I am using traditional landline or POTS?

Look at the back of the telephone connected to it. If you see "complies with part 68, FCC Rules" and a Ringer Equivalence Number, then the phone and the line are analog and you are using landline or POTS. 

I am using digital phones in my office. But an incoming line is POTS? Can I use BYON?


How do I know if I am using VoIP?

If your phone connects to an ethernet (network) cord, then it is most likely a VoIP phone. VoIP phones usually come with a large color or monochrome display.

How long does it take to text enable my voice number?

Once a valid LOA is signed and submitted, a USA and Canada landline number can take up to 1 business day to enable for texting, test inbound connectivity, and provision to your account.

In what cases will my number fail Hosted SMS registration?

Here are typical cases:

  • The number fails eligibility requirements. Currently, only USA and Canada landlines are eligible and few VOIP.
  • The number is enabled for SMS by another provider.
  • The LOA contains incorrect information.
  • The LOA was not signed within 7 days.
  • There was a technical problem processing your request.

In each case, YAPI gets notifications from all participated parties and will communicate with our customers promptly.

Will the old number assigned by YAPI work after we switch to BYON?

Yes. Incoming messages sent to your old YAPI number that was assigned to you will be delivered to your office. YAPI will keep your old number for two weeks after you switch to BYON.

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