Using a Ready-to-Send Email Template in a Mail Blast

YAPI is preloaded with a variety of Ready-to-Send email templates for you to send to patients. These emails are designed to keep you connected with your patients between their visits. When you’re ready to send a Mail Blast, follow the instructions below. 

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Sending a Mail Blast

  1. On the YAPI Dashboard, click Online. Online.png

  2. Select Mail Blast.

  3. When prompted, enter your YAPI password and click OK.

  4. Optional: Adjust the filters to send only to specific types of patients.  Otherwise, the email will send to all active patients. 

  5. Click OK.  


  6. Choose your Template from the drop-down menu; the Subject line loads automatically. 

    TIP: Our most popular template is the GT - End of Year Use Your Benefits (aka "Use It or Lose It".

  7. Optional: Enter your email in the Proof to field if you'd like to receive a confirmation that the mail blast was successfully sent.

  8. Press Send. Follow the prompts to confirm that you are ready to send immediately. You’re all done!


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