Using a Ready-to-Send Newsletter with Mail Blast

YAPI will be preloaded with a variety of Ready-to-Send Newsletters for you to send any time to all patients or to a specific group of patients. These newsletters are designed to be an effective method of patient engagement to keep you connected with your patients between their visits. You will also have access to a gallery of other available newsletters relevant to your practice on our knowledge base to import to YAPI. When you’re ready to send a Mail Blast, follow the instructions below. 

Sending a Mail Blast

  1. On the YAPI Dashboard, click on the Online section (the globe icon Globe_icon.jpg)

  2. Select the Mail Blast option from the drop-down menu.

  3. Enter your password and click Ok.

  4. Click OK to continue to send to all active patients, or adjust your filter criteria in the menu before clicking OK.


  5. Choose your desired Template from the drop-down menu; the Subject line will then load automatically. 

    NOTE: Ready-to-Send Newsletters begin with the template name “GT-Newsletter…”

  6. Enter your email in the field Proof to if you’d like to receive a copy, and then press Send. Follow the prompts to confirm that you are ready to send immediately. You’re all done!


Sending yourself a Test Newsletter

  1. On the YAPI Dashboard, Click on 

    wrenchIcon.jpg(wrench icon) Setup & Manage.

  2. Select the Manage Documents and Templates option from the drop-down menu.

  3. Click once on the Email Template you would like to test, and then click Edit.


  4. Once the template builder loads, click ‘Test’ in the lower right. 


  5. Enter your email address and press send.

    NOTE: It is not required to enter in merge field information like [[FIRST]], [[LAST]], or [[PREFNAME]] when testing a Ready-to-Send Newsletters since the templates do not include these merge fields.

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