YAPI Network Requirements

Please have your Network Administrator/IT Administrator consult this document.

Recommended Setup

Wired LAN (Workstations)

Fast Ethernet with your Practice Management Software installed/configured

Wireless Network (iPads)

Wireless connection with strong signal around the office. If you only have a guest Wi-Fi network, you will need a separate Wi-Fi network on the same network as your server and workstation machines.

Same subnet/broadcast domain as the server

If the server is on a different subnet/broadcast domain (VPN, different VLAN, etc.) than either the workstations or the iPads, each workstation and iPad must manually be configured to point to the server.

In a standard YAPI setup, the following ports must be permitted across the network:

  • 80 - HTML

  • 443 - TLS/SSL

  • 547 - SMTP

  • 18000, 18001, 18003 - YAPI-Proprietary Communication (TCP)

  • 18002 - YAPI Discovery Broadcast (UDP)

  • 18800, 18802 - YAPI-to-PMS Communication (TCP)

  • 3520, 19000, 19001 - Phone Assistant VOIP Listening (UDP)

For more detailed information regarding which ports we require and their use cases, see YAPI Incoming/Outgoing Firewall Port Requirements.

The iPads, the workstations, and the server must be physically and logically bridged for YAPI to communicate properly (ideally under the same subnet). In other words, the wireless LAN the iPads are accessing must have access to the server over the proprietary ports listed above.

Please contact us if you need anything clarified.


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