New Patient Welcome Email Templates

A new patient's first impression of your dental practice begins before the patient first walks through the doors of your practice. At this point, the patient has visited your website, called your practice, and scheduled their first appointment. Your staff has been outstanding, and we strive to make YAPI an extension of your stellar customer service by providing great-looking welcome emails to your new clients. This article will take you on a tour of these welcome email templates, demonstrating some key features and demonstrating how to further customize these awesome templates if need be.

When a new patient gets added to your Practice Management System (e.g., Dentrix, OpenDental, Eaglesoft), that patient is added to the list of new patients that will receive a welcome email that evening during YAPI's routine communication distribution (provided that you have an email address on file for that client). The template that will be sent out at that time is chosen in the Automation tab of the Global Setup selection in your YAPI application:

(From the main screen of your YAPI application, choose the Wrench Icon > Global Setup > Automation)


This example shows that new patients will receive the GT-New Patient Welcome with Documents link template. GT stands for "Global Template" and is prepended to any email template built with YAPI's enhanced email templates (you can read more about Enhanced Email Templates here). 

Now that we know which template will be sent, we can examine the content of the template. All template files are found in the Manage Documents and Templates section, found under the Wrench Icon on the main screen of your YAPI application.


The screen opens immediately onto the Email Templates tab. Scroll down to the name of the template that is referenced in the automation tab, highlight the template, then click the Edit button on the right of the window.



This will open the email template editor.

Note: If you see a different format than the image below of the template editor, then you are using an older version of the email templates and we recommend upgrading to the newest version of YAPI. Contact Technical Support and get access to the amazing features of our Enhanced Email Templates.


There are four main sections prepopulated in the Welcome Email template:

Note: If you would like a detailed explanation of each individual field in the email template builder, see the article "Enhanced Email Templates".


First Body Text 
  This section is the first main body of content in the Welcome Email. It dynamically adds the patient's preferred name in the [[PREFNAME]] merge tag. It then welcomes the patient and calls their attention to the action buttons (see #3)
Your Logo
  This section incorporates your company's logo into the top of the email. It will be placed at the very top, above all other content.
Action Buttons
  The action buttons are colored buttons that will appear between the first and second body text areas. The URL field is the external website that the button will route your patient to, and is populated by the address to your practice's online new patient packages.
Second Body Text
  The second section of email content will appear below the action buttons. It is prepopulated with your practice's contact information, urging the new patient to contact your office if they need assistance before the appointment.

This email is prepopulated with content that should work for any office, but feel free to manipulate the template to suit the needs of your practice!

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