YAPI Is Not Working After Upgrading My Practice Management System

At YAPI, we pride ourselves in bringing you a seamless integration between your Practice Management System (e.g., Eaglesoft, Dentrix, OpenDental) and our application. For this to occur, our talented developers have created specific "plugins" - integrations between the YAPI application and the specific version of your Practice Management Software. YAPI has a different and unique plugin for each version of your Practice Management Software that has been released, but only one is installed with the YAPI service. 

To remedy this situation, someone with administrator access to your server computer will need to contact our friendly Technical Support staff. During the session, our Technical Support staff will connect to your server computer remotely and update the plugin to the correct version. While the YAPI Technical Support specialist will have to disconnect your YAPI service while the plugin is updated to the correct version, you will not lose access to your Practice Management System or other vital office applications, so workflow can continue during this appointment.

So, if you have just upgraded to a new version of your Practice Management System and YAPI is not working, just give our Technical Support staff a call and be ready to grant access to the server computer for your dental practice and we will have YAPI functioning again in flash!

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