Sending and Utilizing PDF Documents Across YAPI

YAPI's True Paperless features can be a godsend for practices looking to minimize their paper consumption. They also facilitate the process of gathering patient consent and data. You might be wondering if there is a way to electronically get non-consent, informative, or instructional documents in front of patients for reference. 

With YAPI, getting Care Instructions in front of a patient is as simple as a few clicks. In brief, the process involves attaching PDF Documents to outgoing emails. PDF is one of the most versatile and popular document formats, so every patient should be able to open these files with ease.

Read on to see how YAPI can help you get these PDF's to your patients' email inboxes.

NOTE: Like iPad forms, PDF documents sent via YAPI are selected from an internal catalog within YAPI. For information on how to add custom documents to this library, read How to Import PDF Documents Intended for Emailing.

This article contains the following sections:

PDF Attachments Versus iPad Forms and Online Forms

You might be wondering why you would elect to use a PDF over YAPI's custom forms. iPad forms, Online Forms, and PDF's are treated as different entities within YAPI, and all serve unique purposes.

iPad Forms and Online Forms exist explicitly for gathering patient consent and data. While you could create informative or instructional iPad documents for things like Pre-Op and Post-Op instructions, getting this sort of documentation in the patient's hands at home becomes a multi-step process that could be accomplished more efficiently by other means. Online documents, on the other hand, require intervention from a YAPI Technician in order to be created. They are fundamentally limited in their customization due to their proprietary nature.

PDF documents are non-proprietary and entirely customizable; they don't have to be converted into a YAPI compatible format to be shipped off via email. It's less legwork for you and ultimately serves a better patient experience to send care instructions and other similar non-consent-gathering forms as PDF attachments via email.

Automatically Sending PDF's During Checkout

You can configure YAPI to send emails with PDF attachments automatically during Check-out.

NOTE: You will have to have a pre-existing email template available to configure this feature. For more information on creating and using email templates, read Creating an Email Template.

  1. From the Dashboard, click the Setup and Manage (wrench) icon and select Global Setup.

  2. When prompted for a password, enter "password" (no quotation marks, all lower case).

  3. Select the Automation tab from the top. 


  4. Right-click anywhere in the blue section labeled Emails on Checkout and click Add Document in the menu that appears.

  5. In the window that appears, fill out the fields accordingly.


    • Select email template is where you would select the template containing the body of the email.

    • Subject is the subject line of the email as the patient would see it.

    • Attach PDF document is where you select the PDF from your library of documents.

    • Send to is where you differentiate between new patients and all patients.

    • How often determines the frequency of this email based on the number of times the patient has been seen in the past.

  6. Once you are finished, click Ok. You should now see this icon in the blue "Emails on Checkout" section, indicating that your automated configuration has been saved:


You can edit or remove existing configurations by right-clicking on this icon and clicking on Edit or Remove.

Manually Sending PDF Documents

Attached to a Manually Sent Email

  1. Under Communication, open the email editor, either via Patient Finder or Send an Email  (for more information, see our article: Different Ways to Send Emails From YAPI).

  2. Click on the green + icon next to the box labeled Attachments; then click Attach PDF Document.


  3. Select one of your PDF's from the catalog and click Ok. Once you are satisfied with the content of your email, click Send.

Sending Documents to Patients During Checkout

You can conveniently attach PDF documents for emailing to specific patients during check-out.

  1. Move the patient to the Check-out Area on the Dashboard by dragging and dropping the patient with your mouse.


  2. Once the patient is dropped into the Check-out Area, the Checkout Notes window will appear. In the Checkout Notes window beside the routing slip, right-click on the section labeled Email Documents and click on Add Document.


  3. In the window that appears, configure the email you would like to send post-checkout.


    • Select email template is where you would select the template containing the body of the email.

    • Subject is the subject line of the email as the patient would see it.

    • Attach PDF document is where you select the PDF from your library of documents.

  4. Click Ok. In the section labeled "Email Documents", you should now see an icon that looks like this:


    You can right-click this icon to Edit or Remove your selection. The patient will receive your email containing the PDF attachment upon dismissal.

You are now equipped to deploy your catalog of PDF attachments!

For more PDF's beyond what's included in YAPI by default, see our Forms & Documents Library.

If you'd like to add some PDF's of your own, read How to Import PDF Documents Intended for Emailing.

If any aspect of this concept remains unclear, please reach out to us so that one of our team members can assist you.

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