Troubleshooting - A Patient's iPad Form Won't Save

When trying to save a form on an iPad, if a patient sees the error message below, this likely means that the form they're using was created in YAPI's older Form Builder and is no longer usable.  Below, you'll learn how to check if this is the case and how to proceed with solutions to the issue.


Note: The new Form Builder was introduced in early 2017, so forms like these have been unsupported for quite awhile, though this error may not appear for a long time.  

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Determining Whether the Form Was Built with the Old Form Builder

Forms build in the old Form Builder are fairly easy to spot because they look different from our new ones.  Old forms display in Times New Roman font; newer forms look much more modern and display in Arial:

Old Forms


New Forms


If you're not sure you can tell the difference, you can double-check within your list of forms in the desktop Dashboard:

  1. From your desktop YAPI Dashboard, click Setup and Manage Setup_and_Manage.png and select Manage Documents and Templates.

  2. When prompted, enter your YAPI password and click OK.

  3. Navigate to the iPad Forms tab to view your list of forms. The names of forms built in the new Form Builder show completely in uppercase and have an asterisk(*) at the beginning. The names of older forms (the ones that may no longer work) aren't completely in uppercase and don't have an asterisk:



Fixing the Issue

If your patient is unable to save their form because it was in fact an older one, they will unfortunately have to complete a new version of the form. Luckily, though, YAPI has an entire library of forms built in the new Form Builder that you can download and import into YAPI in just a couple of minutes, getting you and your patient back on track.  In fact, YAPI comes standard with most forms you need, so you may actually have a newer version already in YAPI.

If Your Form Was a Stock Form that Came with YAPI

  • Check for a newer version in your forms list: As shown above, you can tell the difference between older and newer forms within your list.  If you see a similar form to the one you were using whose name is in all uppercase, you can check that one out and use it instead! 

    Tip: If the form isn't showing on your iPad, you may need to enable it first in your forms list on the desktop.
  • Download and import one from our Forms Library: YAPI has an entire library of forms you can use as part of your subscription.  You can grab one to use by following the instructions in Importing Pre-Made & Custom Forms.

    Check Out YAPI's Forms Library


If Your Form Was Custom-Made

Custom-made forms that were either created by you or by someone on our team need to be rebuilt in the new Form Builder.  This takes a bit more time, since the form needs to be recreated from scratch, so you may need to use a paper version of the form until you can build a new one.

You can recreate your custom form on your own by following the steps in the appropriate article below:

Or, if you need our team to recreate the form for you instead, just submit a request using the instructions in Submitting a Custom Form Request to the YAPI Team and we'd be happy to help!


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