Why Can't I Save Certain iPad Forms?

If you find that you are unable to save a subset of your iPad Forms, you are most likely attempting to use a form built with our legacy form builder. These forms are deprecated and have instead been replaced by a more robust alternative. Even if the form presently functions as expected, there is no guarantee that it won't malfunction sometime down the line.

Read on to learn how to determine whether or not a broken form is built with the old form builder, and, if so, take the appropriate course of action.

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Determining if a Form is Built with the Old Form Builder

Discovering whether or not a form was built with the old form builder is rather simple. From the iPad, the form will appear more akin to a word document or PDF, while new forms will have stylized elements and fields. However, to form a conclusion without a doubt, you must access the forms library from the YAPI Application on the Desktop.

  1. On the YAPI Dashboard, click on the Setup and Manage section (the wrench icon wrenchIcon.jpg).

  2. Click Manage Documents and Templates.

  3. Once prompted enter the password.

  4. Click on the iPad Forms tab to view your forms library. New forms will be fully upper-case and have an asterisk(*) at the beginning of their name. Old forms will have no asterisk and typically will not be entirely upper-case.


What Now?

At some point in the past, YAPI shipped with a catalog of generic old forms, including several informational consent forms. Luckily, all of those forms have been updated and rebuilt for our new form builder with extra content.

Download our new forms at our Forms and Documents Library.

For help importing these new forms into your library, see our article: How do I Import New Forms to YAPI?

If you have custom office forms built with the old form builder, we will have to rebuild them for you from scratch. Please send in your document request via documents@yapicentral.com, and one of our document specialists will reach out to accommodate you.

If the form failing to save is NOT an old-builder form, just contact us so we may promptly take a look.

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