Why is YAPI having issues after Dentrix Month-End Report?

The Month-End reporting process in Dentrix is a helpful tool for many dental offices. Unfortunately, this process severs the connection between the YAPI Service Manager application and the Dentrix database.  Fortunately, this is a simple process to fix! 

The YAPI Service Manager application requires a restart to reconnect to the Dentrix database. This can be performed in two ways:

  1. From any YAPI workstation:

    Click on the Tools Section (the briefcase icon tools.png) then select Administrative Tools > YAPI Service > Restart YAPI Service: 

    A pop-up will appear, warning that the restart takes approximately 3 minutes. After clicking the Yes button, all instances of YAPI in your dental office will close. The YAPI Service Manager application, which is installed on the server computer, will stop service, then restart after performing all necessary processes to regain connection to the Dentrix database. After three to five minutes, click the YAPI icon on your workstation to resume your workflow. 

    Note: If a pop-up window displaying the error message - [E041] Unable to locate server - appears, hit cancel and wait another minute or two for YAPI Service Manager to finish the refresh process.

  2. Directly in the server computer:

    Warning: This process will end all instances of the YAPI application in your dental office, so make sure to check that all users are ready for YAPI to shutdown.

    On the server computer, locate the YAPI Service Manager application:


    Click on the Stop Service button. Wait a few moments, then click the Start Service Button. The YAPI Service Manager application is now running again, and YAPI can be opened on any workstation to resume work.

If you need extra assistance in this process, contact technical support at any time, or submit a ticket to receive a call from technical support staff as soon as an agent is available.


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