What to Do When YAPI Detects Changes in Medical Conditions

YAPI populates the integrated Medical History Form with lists of conditions (and in some cases, allergies and medications) corresponding to those in your Practice Management Software. This ensures seamless integration between the form and the patient's chart. Once a change is made to the list in your Practice Management Software, it requires manual intervention on your part to ensure that the online and iPad Medical History Form continue to work properly.

Warning! Failure to follow these guidelines may result in mismarked or inaccurate patient charts.

The following alert in the corner of your screen potentially indicates that a change was made to one of your Medical History lists in your Database software:

YAPI detected changes in Medical Conditions in your PMS. If you deployed online documents you will need to refresh online Medical History form to pickup possible changes in Medical Conditions.

Getting YAPI on the same page as your software is quick and easy:

  1. Navigate to the Tools menu in YAPI (the brown briefcase), then mouse over Administrative Tools to Lists and select Medical Conditions.


  2. If you receive an error stating that there are duplicate conditions, you will have to hide, remove, or merge these duplicates in your Practice Management Software. Once this is done, reopen the Medical Conditions list in YAPI.


  3. Ensure that Other is unchecked and click Save at the bottom right of the window.


  4. Click Yes once prompted to update the list online. This will push the changes to your online Medical History form, and usually only takes a few seconds.

  5. For Open Dental Customers: repeat this process for Allergies and Medications.

  6. Navigate back to the Tools menu and mouse over to the lists once again. Once there, click on Reset Lists at the bottom.

At this point, you are all clear to continue using your Medical History forms without any problems.

For our customers using Open Dental, we have a more comprehensive guide to managing and repairing your lists here.

If you still have questions or require assistance, please contact us so one of our team members can assist you.

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