Using The Draw Feature on iPad Documents

Another amazing feature of the YAPI iPad application is the Draw feature, which allows staff to add notes or drawings to an iPad form. This feature can be used to further describe treatment plans, highlight specific areas of the form, or to further annotate a form with information specific to a patient.

This article contains the following sections:

Enabling the Draw Feature

First, check that the draw feature is enabled:

Open the YAPI iPad application and navigate to the Configuration tab
Scroll down to the Documents section
Find the Enable Drawing field and make sure the switch is turned on


After these steps, click the home button on your iPad, open the YAPI application again and the draw feature is now enabled for use!

Creating a Document

With the draw feature enabled, this tool can be used to modify any document saved to the patient's record in YAPI, but not yet filed away to the Practice Management Software (e.g., Eaglesoft, Dentrix, OpenDental). A common use for this feature, which will serve as the example use for this article, is to modify or enunciate features of a treatment plan.

TIP: The draw feature can be used in any manner to fit your office's needs, this example only serves as a guide to this helpful tool!

  1. Generate a treatment plan in your Practice Management Software (each system is different, please consult the Practice Management Software specific manuals for issues with generating a treatment plan)

  2. Print the treatment plan

  3. In the print preview window, instead of choosing a physical printer, choose the option "YAPI Writer" (if this option is not available, see this article detailing how to install YAPI writer)

  4. A pop-up window will now appear in YAPI, offering several options for processing this document:

    1. If any patients are already checked-in to YAPI, these patients will appear in the initial drop-down list next to the Move to option. Select the patient's name and click the Ok button to proceed

    2. If the patient is not yet in the office, you can send the document to the document queue, and YAPI will automatically associate the document to the patient upon check-in:

      1. Choose the Add to Document Queue option, and click the Ok button

      2. A popup window will appear, prompting you to search for the patient by the last name:


      3. Select the patient, then click the Continue button

      4. Another window will appear, with options to choose a Category for the document and assign a name to the document:


      5. Click the Add button, and the document is sent to the queue to await the patient's arrival

Using The Draw Feature

Once a patient is checked-in to the YAPI application and a document is saved to the patient's record in the YAPI application, the draw feature can now be utilized on the document.

  1. Open the YAPI iPad application and navigate to the dashboard

  2. Touch your finger anywhere inside the specific patient's box, and swipe your finger left or right to open the document library. Any saved document will appear at the top of the document list:


    Any of the documents available in the Current Documents section can utilize the draw feature.

  3. Touch on one of these documents to open, then touch Draw on the top-right to access the draw feature:


  4. Along the righthand side of the screen, four icons appear providing choices in ink color and the option to erase pen strokes. These choices are:

    • Dark grey dg.png

    • Yellow yellow.png

    • Red red.png

    • Erase erase.png

  5. Use any color to add drawings to the patient's document. The drawings will be saved as part of the document once filed to the Practice Management Software


Signatures can also be added to the document to demonstrate a patient's understanding of the additions made with the drawing feature.

Once you are satisfied with the additions to the document and have added any necessary signature, the document is ready to be filed away to the patient's record in your dental practice's management system with the added drawings saved as part of the document.

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