A Patient's Guide to Online Forms

YAPI online forms allow you to fill out forms at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home. This article will describe the many facets of our online forms that create an easy platform for completing the necessary forms to begin your dental experience.

This article contains the following sections:

The Front Page

Online forms are commonly delivered to patients in a new patient package format. The front page of this package describes the process of completing the forms, as well as displaying which pages you have already completed and sent to the dental office:

Online Forms Front Page

Number 1 Online Logo

This will be the logo for your new dental office. This is an extra step to demonstrate that you are filling out forms for the correct dental office and your information will be delivered safely to that office.

Number 2 Front Page Language

These language choices will determine the language present on the front page. We have created several translations of the front page content, that can be toggled by these three choices.

Number 3 Form Welcome Body

This body of text provides instruction about filling out the forms. If you have any further questions about the requirements of the forms, contact the dental office staff.

Number 4 Contact Information

This section contains the contact information for your dental office. This is where you can reach staff if you have any questions regarding the filling of the online forms package.

Number 5 Consent and Disclosure

This section details the consent to fill forms electronically. As a patient, you must agree to this consent before proceeding to fill forms. This is an important step for the forms to be legally binding.

Number 6 Individual Forms

Each form is sent to the dental office individually. After completion of each form, the blue Go button will be replaced with a green check mark, indicating that the form was filled appropriately and submitted successfully:

Entry Completion Example


Skip Specific Forms

At any time in the process, patients can skip a specific form and return to it later. Each form has a Skip Form button at the top of the page:

Example of Skip Button

This feature allows patients the ability to complete the entire Online form package or return to individual forms after gathering necessary information. Each form is sent to YAPI for filing individually, alleviating any pressure on a patient to have all information to fill out forms in one sitting.

After Form Completion

After a form is completed without error, a review screen appears with the information a patient has entered:

Online Forms Review Page

The patient can then choose to Submit the form or return to the Previous screen and update the information before submission.

Upon clicking the Submit button, the form is sent to your dental office for processing. Your information as a patient is sent via the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol, which is a cryptographic protocol that ensures the utmost security of private information. This level of security ensures that all patient information is delivered to the dental office safely and efficiently.

Package Completion

After each form is submitted successfully, indicated by a green check mark next to each form in the package, a new section will display on the bottom of the front page, indicating that everything was completed successfully. After clicking the Finish button, your forms are complete:

Online Forms Completed Page

If you have questions specific to the Patient Information form or Medical History Form, see the article Online Forms: Patient Information Update and Medical History.

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