A Comprehensive Guide to the YAPI Billing Portal

The YAPI Billing Portal, a product of Chargebee, is a convenient place to update credit card information, review and print out statements, or verify billing dates and amounts. The interface is simple and direct, displaying all necessary information on the dashboard and is easily accessible from the YAPI home page. 

To access the billing portal, you can navigate directly to the Chargebee portal from this article or at any time you can find a link to the portal in the top-right of the YAPI webpage:


You will be taken to the login page. Enter the email address and password associated with the dental practice account:


NOTE: The default email address for login is the first email provided during the initial setup of YAPI. If you are unsure of the email address on file for your dental practice, contact YAPI Sales and Training and ask for the billing department

Billing Dashboard

Upon login, the billing dashboard will appear. The Your Account section to the top-right of the screen has links to change the account password and logout of the billing portal:

Moving down the page, the sections are:

Account Information


This section displays the basic information for the Dental Practice and account holder. In this section, you can review general information regarding your practice's account, such as:

  • First and last name for billing contact
  • Company name for billing
  • Email for billing
  • Phone number for billing contact
  • Dental practice name
  • Dental practice specialty
  • Practice management software
  • YAPI plan
  • Any customer notes
  • Dental Startup Date

Note: We recommend contacting the Billing Department if any of these items need updating, to maintain continuity across the contact points for your practice

Payment Mode


This section details how charges to your account will occur. In the example above, the card on file will be charged upon the generation of the next invoice. 

Payment Method Information


This section displays the information for the payment method on file. To add a credit card, click the +Add button to the top-right of the section, and enter the new credit card information. When your practice first signed up for YAPI, the credit card given at that time is the first labeled as the primary credit card, which is evident by the green "Primary" label on the Card Number line. The credit card on file with the "Primary" can be edited by clicking on the Edit link below the credit card information.

The Payment Method Information section can house multiple credit cards on file. Add another credit card by clicking the +Add button to the top-right of the section again and entering the credit card information. You can then click the Manage link beneath the card display and Mark as Primary to set the new card as your primary billing card:


Manage List Drop down options:

  • Mark as Primary - The Primary card on file cannot be deleted, and will be charged first at billing time. Any other card on file in the Payment Method Information section can be changed to the primary card by clicking on the Mark as Primary option in the Manage list 
  • Mark as Backup / Remove Backup - If the primary card fails at billing time, the ChargeBee system will then charge the backup card next. When a card is marked as the backup (which is evident by the grey "Backup" label present on the Card Number Line) this item will now say "Remove Backup" instead of "Mark as Backup"
  • Edit - This is where you can edit the credit card information. The name on the credit card will be populated, but the card number, expiration date, and CVV will need to be entered to edit card information.
  • Remove Payment Method - A primary card cannot be deleted, but you can delete any card not marked as primary. Just click Remove Payment Method to remove the card from the system.

Billing Information


The billing information must match the billing address for the credit card on file. When changes to this information arise, the information can be edited by clicking on the Edit link to the top-right of the section.

Payment History


This section displays a history of all payments made through the ChargeBee portal. Here, any previous statements can be downloaded for your office records by clicking the Download as PDF link to the right of the payment row.



This section outlines what YAPI plans and add-ons are currently active for your dental office and the respective charges for each plan.

Note: This section is not editable and must be changed by YAPI staff. If this field needs to be altered, contact your YAPI Account Manager



The timeline section displays recent and future charges posted to your account.

Take a look at the article Common Billing Portal Actions for more information on how to use the billing portal.

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