Common Billing Portal Actions

This article will address three of the most common actions in the YAPI Billing Portal: 

Start by logging into the ChargeBee billing portal.

Updating Billing Information

Navigate down the page to the Billing Information section:


The current name, address, and telephone number for billing purposes are displayed. If changes need to be made to this information:

  1. Click the Edit link to the top-right of the section and update the information

  2. Once all changes have been made, click the Update billing address button

  3. The correct information will now be displayed in the Billing Information section and will be included in the next billing statement

Updating Credit Card Information

There are several tasks that can be completed in the Payment Method Information section: add a credit card, update a credit card on file, and delete a card.

Add Credit Card

The YAPI billing portal allows storage of multiple cards, preventing disruptions in YAPI service for billing issues. To add another card, simply click the +Add button to the top-right of the Payment Method Information section and fill all available input fields. The new card will now be displayed.

Note: The first card added will automatically be marked as the Primary card

Update the Current Credit Card

If you have just one card on file, or the card you are attempting to update is marked Primary, the only link option available underneath the card is Edit. If you have multiple cards on file, the Edit option for non-primary cards is found by clicking on Manage > Edit.

The screen will then display inputs for the new card number, expiration date, and CVV number. Fill any empty inputs, then click the Update button, and the card entry will now contain the updated information. 

Delete a Credit Card

To avoid any service interruptions, at least one card must always be on file in the billing portal. To delete a card, the card must not be marked primary:

  • If only one card is on file, a second card must be added as described above. Then, click the Manage link at the bottom of the card information, and click Mark as Primary in the drop-down menu that appears. Then, the non-primary card can be deleted by clicking Manage > Remove Payment Method

  • If multiple cards are on file, choose another card than the one meant for deletion as the primary card, then click the Manage link on the card entry you wish to delete and select Remove Payment Method from the drop-down menu.

Accessing Past Statements

All past billing statements are available in the Payment History section:

Each entry has a link to the right to download the billing statement as a PDF. Simply click the Download as PDF link, and the billing statement will be downloaded to your computer.

If you would like a detailed explanation of each section of the billing portal, check out our article A Comprehensive Guide to the YAPI Billing Portal.

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