Automatic Document Filing with Fast Import

Fast Import is a great time-saving feature of YAPI that allows the effortless filing of documents with little interaction from Dental Office Staff. This feature requires a few steps to set-up, but once properly configured with your Open Dental or Eaglesoft settings, this tool will efficiently and effectively streamline your office workflow as Office Staff will no longer need to manually process most patient documents. The Fast Import feature relies heavily on the Practice Management Software to correctly file documents, meaning certain requirements must be fulfilled before the feature can be utilized properly. Follow these steps to get Fast Import set up and make document filing a breeze! 



If your configuration does not meet these configurations, contact YAPI Technical Support Staff to discuss the changes that can be made for your office to use this awesome feature!

Configuring Fast Import

Step 1: Calibrate the Lists


Note: Open Dental requires that Medical Conditions, Allergies, and Medications be updated. In the case of Eaglesoft, only Medical Conditions is required.
  1. Open the YAPI Dashboard and click on the Tools section (the briefcase icon tools.png) and select Administrative Tools > Lists > Medical Conditions

  2. Check all conditions that apply

    IMPORTANT: Make sure the OTHER condition is unchecked

  3. Click the Save button, then the Yes button when asked to "update online list":

  4. Complete the actions described in steps 1 and 2 to perform the same calibrations to the Allergies and Medications lists

    IMPORTANT: Make sure OTHER is unchecked in all lists.

    *If other is not present in a list, please make sure it is added to your Open Dental Problems List, Allergies list, and Medications list.

  5. Save any changes to update online lists.

    Note: If you experience errors, see the article Prepare Open Dental for YAPI integration for advice on cleaning up Open Dental Lists

  6. After all three lists (Medical Conditions, Allergies, and Medications) have been calibrated, return to the YAPI Dashboard. Click the Tools section (the briefcase icon tools.png) and select Administrative Tools > Lists > Reset Lists

    Note: This step is important as it calibrates the lists across the entire YAPI system in your dental office with the current changes that just occurred

Step 2: Categorize Each iPad Document

All iPad forms must be categorized in order for Fast Import to work. Each form must be categorized manually during the setup, and then the form will automatically file away into that category during your office's standard daily workflow.


  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, click the Setup & Manage section (the wrench icon wrenchIcon.jpg), then select Manage Documents and Templates > iPad Forms

    Note: If prompted, enter your password in the password input box. If you are unsure of your password, see the article YAPI Default Password for more information

  2. Select each active form

  3. Click the Categorize button

  4. Select the appropriate category from the drop-down menu and click OK

  5. Repeat these steps for each iPad Document

Step 3: Categorize Each Online Document


  1. With the Manage Documents and Templates window still open, click on the Online tab

  2. Click the Get button to load all online forms

  3. Click on any form with a green check mark next to it (the check mark indicates the form is in use) and then choose Select Category

  4. Choose the appropriate category from the dropdown list and click the Ok button

  5. Repeat this with each form with a green check mark next to the form

Step 4: Add iPad Picture Category and Enable Fast Import


  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, click the Setup & Manage section (the wrench icon wrenchIcon.jpg), then select Global Settings > Documents

  2. Navigate to the Save Documents in PMS section and click the Document categories for pictures from iPad dropdown

  3. Check the Enable Auto Import/Filing in the Document Rules section

  4. Check the OD: Quick Import checkbox (if not already checked, this button is only available for Open Dental users)

  5. Click the Save button to complete the process

Filing Forms

Now that the lists are calibrated, the forms are categorized, and Fast Import is enabled, forms will automatically file into Open Dental and Eaglesoft under the category assigned to the form in step 2. The automatic filing process will occur as soon as the form is saved on an iPad (if the form requires signatures, signing AND saving the form is required to trigger the automatic import process).

The YAPI Dashboard will display an icon next to the patient's icon when the form is automatically processed by Fast Import to notify staff that the process occurred. It will be green if it occurred successfully or red if problems occurred during the import.

Successful Import


Error with Import

If problems do occur, hover over the icon to display any issues for easy problem-solving. Simply open the Documents folder, and rectify the problems described. (The most common error is that documents do not have a category assigned).

If you have any unresolved issues, submit a ticket and technical support staff will contact you ASAP!


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