Understanding Multiple Location Clinics/Partitions Support with YAPI

YAPI has developed the capability to integrate with Open Dental's Clinics feature. This feature allows practices to divide a single database running on one server into multiple virtual locations or practices, grouping patients, appointments, and reminders by location. In other words, if you want to use one database for multiple locations, using Clinics is the way to go! Although Open Dental's Clinics feature is what gave rise to this functionality, YAPI's version of the feature is compatible with both Eaglesoft and Dentrix. This article explains the benefits, limitations, caveats, expectations, and requirements surrounding Clinics.

This article contains the following sections:

Features and Limitations

  Open Dental Dentrix & Eaglesoft
Minimum Requirements
  • YAPI Version 1.4.373.1 or above

  • Clinics has been fully configured within Open Dental (for more information, check this article from their user manual)

  • YAPI Version 1.4.373.1 or above

  • All operatories and providers for all locations have been setup in your Practice Management Software.

Supported Features

Patient Engagement
  • Appointment Reminders auto-populate address and contact information based on the patient's/appointment's association with a Clinic.

  • The New Patient Welcome Email/Text Message and Birthday Card will also include the correct address and contact information.

  • You can exclude Clinics from receiving most Appointment Reminders (currently excluding Save the Date).

  • Appointment Reminders (excluding Save the Date) auto-populate address and contact information based on the operatory that an appointment is scheduled under.

  • Partitions can be excluded from receiving some Appointment Reminders.
Practice Dashboard and Intra-Office Communication
  • The Dashboard can be customized per-location. The practice will only see checked-in patients which are assigned to their own clinic.

  • Broadcasts, Alerts, and Intra-Office Messages can be filtered on-screen by Clinic.

  • The Dashboard can be customized per-location. The practice will see all patients across all locations in the Check-in Area, but will not see any patient seated in any operatory not included in their partition (as setup within YAPI).

  • Broadcasts, Alerts, and Intra-Office Messages can be filtered on-screen by Partition.

Unsupported Features


Does not currently support multiple location setups. This feature is currently in development.

Save the Date

Save the Date Reminders cannot currently be excluded from specific Clinics. This functionality is currently in development.

Recall Reminders

Cannot be excluded by Clinic. This feature is currently in development.

Cannot be excluded by Partition.

Sending Individual Reminders Manually

Does not filter by Clinic. The reminder will pull contact and address information from a global reference, rather than by Clinic.

Does not filter by Partition

True Paperless

True Paperless features do not filter by Clinic (i.e., the practices share a single form and template library)

New Patient Welcome Email and Birthday Card


Will not include the correct address and contact information.


Configuring Clinics on the Dashboard

Once you have read and understood both the caveats and benefits of implementing Clinics/Partitions with YAPI, please contact us so that our Account Management team can prepare both of your offices for the transition to Clinics prior to enabling anything within your database. They will set up a session with a Technical Support Specialist to make the necessary configuration changes.

If you are a new office looking to implement YAPI with your multi-location database, please contact our Sales team.

If Clinics have already been enabled for your practices, you can configure each workstation and iPad to display information from the proper location. Read on to find out more.

Configuring Your Workstations

  1. From the YAPI Dashboard on the desktop, click on the Setup & Manage Menu (the wrench icon wrenchIcon.jpg)

  2. Select Local Setup from the drop-down menu.


    NOTE: If you are unsure which Clinic ID correlates to which practice, you can find out by heading to Global Setup from the wrench icon (the password, once prompted, is usually "password"), heading to the Options tab, and clicking the Edit button in the small section labeled Clinics/Partitions.

    WARNING! Do NOT edit any of the information within the Clinics setup panel of Global Setup without guidance from a Technical Support Specialist!
  3. In the window that appears, select the appropriate Clinic from the drop-down menu.

  4. Click Save and restart the application. Upon reopening YAPI, you should see the correct Practice Name listed in the Title Bar, along with the Clinic's ID.

NOTE: You will likely have to re-arrange your operatories on the Dashboard once you switch Clinics. To do so, please reference our article, Customizing the Dashboard Layout.

Configuring Your iPads

  1. From the YAPI App on the iPad, tap the Configuration button in the bottom-right corner.

  2. In the top section, you should see a field labeled Device Name. Tap on this field.

  3. At the end of the device name, add "@C#", where "#" is the number belonging to the Clinic you would like to connect to.

  4. Tap Save at the top-right corner and restart the app. Upon starting, you should see a dashboard populated with the operatories from only one location.


Open Dental Offices - Assign Patients, Providers, Appointments, and Operatories to Clinics

It is imperative that every single future appointment, all patients, and every operatory is assigned to a Clinic in order for YAPI to function properly. YAPI will cross-reference the associated Clinic data with each patient or appointment in order to deliver accurate patient communication. In other words, patients' automated email and text reminders will not contain the address, phone, and other vital information pertinent to a particular office unless their appointment and patient file are assigned to a Clinic. Instead, YAPI would pull that information from Global Setup.

Assigning a Patient to a Clinic

  1. From the Family module within Open Dental, select a patient via the Select Patient button at the top.

  2. Double-click the white space within the Patient Information column.

  3. In the window that appears, select a Clinic from the drop-down menu labeled Clinic. Click OK once completed.


Assigning an Appointment to a Clinic

  1. Double-click the appointment on the schedule.

  2. In the window that appears, you can select a Clinic from the drop-down labeled Clinic.


NOTE: If your office has completely configured Clinics, every new appointment created should automatically assign itself to the appropriate Clinic based on what operatory you schedule the appointment within.

Assigning an Operatory to a Clinic

  1. From the top menu, select Setup, then hover over the Appointments menu and select Operatories.

  2. In the window that appears, select an operatory by double-clicking on its white-space.

  3. In the popup, assign the operatory to a Clinic by selecting a Clinic from the drop-down menu. Click OK once you are finished.


Assigning a Provider to a Clinic

Unlike the previous assignments, this assignment takes place within YAPI and is to be performed by the support agent initially upon Clinics configuration. If providers are not assigned to Clinics, they will be unavailable to message or summon.

In the event that you add new staff, you will have to assign their provider to a Clinic manually.

  1. From the YAPI Dashboard on the desktop, click on the Setup & Manage Menu (the wrench icon wrenchIcon.jpg).

  2. Select Global Setup from the Dropdown menu.

  3. Once prompted, enter "password" as the password (no quotation marks).

  4. Select the Providers tab.

  5. Double click any cell under the Partition column to assign the provider belonging to that row to a Clinic


  6. Click Save at the bottom once you are finished. You should now be able to summon and message providers when the Dashboard is connected to their respective Clinic.

NOTE: if a provider works in both locations, you will need to create two distinct profiles for that provider within Open Dental, as a provider can only be assigned to a single Clinic at a time.

Assuming that everything is configured to the specifications listed here, your Clinics setup should work flawlessly to ensure that everything is organized by location. If you have any questions regarding specifics, or anything detailed here is unclear, please don't hesitate to contact us and any of our representatives would be happy to help.

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