True Paperless

This tutorial will guide you through the awesome features that will allow your practice to go completely paperless!

Learn how to sign a Treatment Plan from the iPad.

Learn how to sign New Patient Intake Forms from the iPad.

Learn how to fill in Online Forms, what happens when it gets submitted, and how to import the form data into your practice management software.

Learn how to setup Online Forms.

Learn how to use "Family" Mode on the iPad. If more than one family member is present at the office, and both need to fill out paperwork, we can switch our iPad to the Family Mode to make it easier to fill in and process the paperwork.

Learn how to retrieve documents that have gone missing.

Following these steps to optimize your True Paperless settings will make going paperless a breeze! When you're ready for more information about the YAPI Software, check out some other great tutorials in the Video Tutorials Section