Practice Dashboard Videos

Learn how to use the YAPI Dashboard, which contains YAPI's most commonly used features.

Learn how to check patients in, how to move patients through the Practice Dashboard and how to use patient alerts. 

Learn how to check patients out and how to use the Digital Routing Slip for successful communication between the back office and front office during patient hand-off.

Learn how to use the built-in Operatory Timers. Operatory timers help doctors and teams prioritize and acknowledge patients who are inadvertently seated late.

Learn how to use Patient Alerts to get the most out of each patient encounter. Patient Alerts are visual cues designed to prompt your staff to take certain actions.

Learn how to use Practice Dashboard to fill your hygiene schedule.

Learn how to search for a specific patient or a group of patients using the Patient Finder.

Learn how to use the Practice Dashboard on the iPad

Learn how to change the default provider for a patient.

Learn how to use the Daily Huddle Report. The Daily Huddle is a tool that helps teams plan their day, handle the unexpected, resolve bottlenecks, come up with a game plan and take advantage of the opportunities on the schedule. It shows the upcoming appointments for the day including information such as patient medical information, if the are due for a hygiene appointment, notes about the patient preferences, any outstanding balances, scheduled production for the day, and much more.

Learn how use the Daily Huddle Report on the iPad.

Learn how to read the Quick KPI Report to determine whether you are staying on track to meeting you practice's performance goals.

Learn how to read the Daily Activity Report which show's you how well your practice performed for the day and identify potential trends.

Phew, nice work with a lot of material! The Practice Dashboard, when utilized properly, will be a huge boost to productivity and workflow, which will maximize your patient care! Check out some other great tutorials in the Video Tutorials Section