Roles & Permissions in the Practice Online Portal (POP)

YAPI's Practice Online Portal (POP) has three user levels, also known as "Roles" - User, Admin, and Super Admin - and each role has different access to areas of POP.  This way, all staff can access the major features of POP like patient information, texting, and patient payments but only selected team members can access subscription information and manage users.  Below, you'll find the permissions and abilities assigned to each Role in POP.

Not sure which Role you have?  Your Role is assigned by the person that invited you to POP.  When logged in, if you can't see the User Management section in the left-hand menu, you're a User.  If you can see User Management, click it to see each user's assigned Role, including yours.

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Roles & Permissions





Super Admin

Has Access to Major POP Features*




Can View Subscription Information

x.png check.png check.png

Can View a List of Users

x.png check.png check.png

Can Invite Other Users

x.png Can invite Admins & Users Can invite Users, Admins, & Super Admins

Can Deactivate a User

x.png Can deactivate Users  Can deactivate Admins & Super Admins

Can Deactivate Themselves

x.png x.png x.png

Can Change a User's Role**

x.png x.png x.png

Can Reactivate a Deactivated User**

x.png x.png x.png

*User, Admins, and Super Admins all have access to the major features of POP including:

  • Patient Information
  • Your Appointments list
  • Your Care Call List
  • YAPI Pay
  • Smart Fill
  • Text messaging
  • Creating email templates and campaigns
  • Practice Images
  • Smart Scheduling (YAPI Growth Plans only)

**If you need to change someone's Role (between User, Admin, and Super Admin) or reactivate a deactivated account, contact our Customer Support team.  We're glad to help!


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