What Does the YAPI Installation Process Entail?

Once you have purchased your YAPI software, your Customer Success Manager will set up a time for the software to be installed on your server computer by a YAPI Technical Support agent. The purpose of the installation process is not only to set up YAPI but to ensure that the YAPI software is properly tested and functioning on the office’s network. This thorough process is necessary to ensure a turnkey experience. 

What is required of your dental office during the installation process?

Your office will need to provide our Technical Support agent with admin access and enough privileges to install YAPI and sync the office’s practice management software database. If you have an IT company that handles most of your network and computer settings, it is often helpful to have them ready to assist with this process.  We also recommend you forward them the following articles prior to installation:

What are the steps taken and what will the installer do on my practice management software database?

The Installer will:

  1. Transfer the installation files required for YAPI installation onto the database

  2. Synchronize YAPI with the office’s Practice Management software

  3. Begin to configure customer settings pertaining to the office

  4. Test and verify the functionality of features included in the office’s license

  5. Contact the office staff to perform a quick overview and introduction of the software. This will also include how to install YAPI on a workstation

  6. Notify the YAPI Account Manager of the completion of YAPI on the office’s network

After this process, your Customer Success Manager will schedule appointments with YAPI Training staff to show your office team the in's and out's of our software.  

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