Changing a Workstation's Name in YAPI

When YAPI was installed on your computer, it was likely given a name that corresponds to the space where the workstation is (for example Check-In Area or Operatory 1) and this Workstation Name appears at the top of your Dashboard.  If you need to change your Workstation Name, follow the steps below. 

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Changing Your Workstation Name

To change the name of your workstation:

  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, click Setup and Manage Setup_and_Manage.png and select Local Setup.

  2. In the Local Configuration window that pops up, locate the Area Name dropdown menu:


  3. Select a new workstation name from the dropdown or double-click the current name to type in a new one of your choice:


    Warning!  We strongly recommend that you choose a workstation name from the list so that your Workstation Name matches a room in the Dashboard.  If you type in a name, your team won't be able to use the megaphone.png on your Dashboard room to send you a message:


  4. Click Save.


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