Changing a Workstation's Name in YAPI

The name of each workstation in your YAPI software is stored under the local settings for each individual YAPI workstation. This can be accessed by clicking on the Setup and Manage section (the wrench icon Wrench Icon) and selecting Local Setup.localSetup.png

Changing the Workstation Name

In the Local Settings window, the workstation name settings are located to the top left of the window. The "Area name" input area reflects the current name of the workstation:


This input is where you can update the name of this workstation. When you click directly on the text, you have the ability to type in a new name for the workstation. The up-and-down arrows also hold several pre-populated name options for the workstations. These include Check-in Area, Check-out Area and any operatory names that are already defined in your YAPI software (for more information about naming operatories in YAPI, see the article Modifying Operatories or Areas). 

Click on the Save button at the bottom-right of the screen and the changes will be automatically reflected in your YAPI workstation.





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