Optimizing YAPI for a Pediatric Practice

While YAPI serves all types of dental practices, we've also made sure to include settings you can customize for pediatrics. Check out our guide below to learn about your options for optimizing YAPI in your pediatric practice.

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Customizing Dashboard Operatories

YAPI's Dashboard accommodates one patient per operatory, but what if your pediatric practice treats multiple family members in the same operatory at once?  For this, you can customize your Dashboard by creating multiple copies of each operatory, making it easier to account for each patient:


To add these spaces in the Dashboard, just follow the steps in Adding, Deleting, & Renaming Rooms in the Dashboard and create multiple instances of each operatory at your practice:


Important!  Make sure that each instance of the operatory has a unique name - for example,Operatory 1A, Operatory 1B and Operatory 1C or Green Room A, Green Room B, and Green Room C.  Each space must have a different name for YAPI to function properly.


Enabling Child Avatars

For patient privacy, YAPI uses avatars in place of photos within the Dashboard.  There are several sets of avatars you can choose from, including a "Kids" set designed specific for pediatric practices:


To change your avatar set, follow the instructions in Changing Your Dashboard Avatars


Creating & Assigning Custom Patient Alerts

Patient Alerts are a great way to notify staff members discretely about specific requests or a child's individual care needs.  You can create custom alerts tailored to kids and families by following the steps in Configuring Available Patient Alerts in Global Setup and even choose the icons that go with them:


Then, use the instructions in Adding a Patient Alert to a Patient to apply your custom alerts to patients as needed.  The selected alert icons then display next to the patient's avatar on each team member's Dashboard, so everyone in your office has the information they need:



Using Family Mode in the iPad App

YAPI's Family Mode allows staff members to assign paperwork for all family members at once so parents and guardians don't have to return for each child's forms.  Instead, they can click on each child in the app, complete their assigned forms, and return the iPad when they're done:


To enable Family Mode on your practice's iPads, see Enabling Family Mode in the iPad App.  Then, when you need to use Family Mode, use the instructions in Assigning Forms for Multiple Family Members to assign forms to a family.


Downloading & Importing Pediatric Forms

During installation, your installer provides you with pediatric versions of our common stock forms including medical and dental history forms for children.  In addition to these, you can download and import even more pediatric-friendly forms from our Forms Library based on your practice's needs.  These forms are free for you to use as part of your YAPI subscription.

To view all the pediatric forms we have to offer, visit our Forms Library and click the Pediatric filter:


Then, if you want to download and use any of these forms, follow our instructions in Importing Pre-Made & Custom Forms.


Downloading & Importing Pediatric Newsletters for Mail Blasts

We also offer a library of pre-made email templates you can use to stay in touch with families.  To view our pediatric email templates, visit our Newsletter Templates page and click the Pediatric filter:


If you find a template you'd like to use, just follow the steps in Importing Ready-to-Send Email Templates to download and import it into YAPI.  Just like with our Forms Library, these templates are free for you to use as part of your YAPI subscription.


Adjusting Other Pediatric-Friendly Settings

YAPI has several other settings that can make our features more pediatric-friendly and these are set up by your installer or trainers during the onboarding process.  These additional settings are listed below, in case you ever need to adjust them.

Pediatric-Friendly Email & Text Templates

During installation and training, our team imports and sets up pediatric-friendly email and text templates for your appointment and recall reminders.  If you ever want to change these templates, check out our articles Editing Appointment Reminder Text, Email, & Postcard Templates and Customizing Recall Reminders.

Grouped Appointment Reminders for Families

Pediatric practices often choose for families to have their reminders grouped together so that all family members are listed within the same reminder:


If your families prefer to receive separate reminders for each individual family member, you can disable this setting by following the instructions in the Additional Reminder Settings section of  Customizing Appointment Reminders to change the Single reminder for all family members setting:


One InstaReview Request Text per Family

To minimize the amount of contacts, InstaReview has an Only one per family setting.  When this option is selected in your InstaReview setup, a family only receives one InstaReview request text after their visit, even if multiple children had appointments that day.  


This option is enabled by default but you can change it by following the steps in the Configuring Automated Settings section of our Setting Up InstaReview article.


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