Optimizing your Pediatric Practice

Pediatric-specific dental offices have different needs from general dental practices. As such, YAPI has several best-practice settings to get your office started with YAPI. These settings will help you get the most of YAPI's Paperless forms, Automation, and Practice Dashboard

Paperless Forms Settings

The use of iPad forms is an important part of everyday workflow. Optimizing the settings of this feature will make patient intake an efficient, straightforward process for you and your patients alike. Further, YAPI has created specific iPad forms and packages to attain an effective workflow and succinct patient data collection. If you are unsure if your office has these packages, check with your YAPI Account Manager or schedule a training session to verify that your form packages have been set up for pediatric-specific offices.

The next important step is to enable "Family Mode" on the iPad. This setting will allow the guardian of multiple children to complete multiple form packets in one session without having to reapproach dental staff for access:


  1. Open the YAPI mobile application on your iPad

  2. Tap the Configuration section at the bottom right of the screen

  3. Scroll down the Configuration screen to the Documents section

  4. Enable "Family" Mode by tapping the slider on the right of the screen

  5. Click Save on the top right of the screen to save this new configuration

Automation Settings

YAPI has a multitude of automation settings to make running your dental practice seamless. The following settings will make sure that automated reminders, recalls, and messages are delivered appropriately and accurately for your pediatric patients:


  1. Enable reminders for the entire family:

    1. Open the YAPI Desktop application

    2. Click on the Setup and Manage section (the wrench icon wrenchIcon.jpg) and select Global Setup

    3. Navigate to the Reminders tab

    4. Locate the pink colored section labeled More Options (near the bottom of the tab in the middle) and click on the Edit button

    5. In the new screen that pops up, the two family settings can be found at the top left:

      1. Single reminder for all family members: This setting creates and sends a single reminder message to the head of the household (determined by your office's practice management system's settings) for all of the appointments the family has in a single day. This setting prevents families from receiving multiple repetitive messages and keeps messaging concise and direct.

        Note: Email reminders and text messages will list all children and each respective appointment time

      2. Use parent's email and mobile for minors: This setting ensures that messages will be sent to the adult guardian of any minor, preventing any missed reminders if contact information is not listed for the minor.

        Warning: If a minor's record has an email address or telephone listed, the message will be sent to the child's email address or telephone despite this option being enabled

  2. Ensure the correct parent or guardian is chosen when scheduling the appointment

    Once Reminders are set up to apply to the entire family, it is important for office staff to be diligent about verifying the correct parent or guardian is attached to the appointment. This step ensures that reminders are sent correctly and delivered appropriately.


  1. Create effective automated recall settings

    1. Open the YAPI Desktop Application

    2. Click on the Recall Manager section (the circular arrow icon recall.png)

    3. Click on the Recalls tab. The Perio option can be disabled from the Recalls to Manage section as perio services are not commonly performed on children

      Note: Disable any other recall types your office does not support as well

    4. Click on the Reminder tab and assign automation dates to recall reminders to be issued (For an explanation on how to set up recall reminders, see the article Your Guide to the Recall Manager)

      Tip: For recommended recall settings, see the article Your Guide to Patient Recall Using Automation

  2. For both Reminders and Recalls, make sure to utilize Pediatric GT Templates

    1. To verify your office is utilizing Pediatric GT Templates for Reminders:

      1. Open the YAPI Desktop application

      2. Click on the Setup and Manage section (the wrench iconwrenchIcon.jpg) and select Global Setup

      3. Navigate to the Reminders tab

      4. Check each input that corresponds to the template that is sent out with recalls. These are found along the left side of the screen:

        • Save the Date

        • First Reminder

        • Second Reminder

    2. To verify your office is utilizing Pediatric GT Templates for Recall:

      1. Open the YAPI Desktop application

      2. Click on the Recall section (the blue circular arrowrecall.png) and select Recall Manager

      3. Navigate to the Reminder tab

      4. Check each of the email Recall reminders to verify they are Pediatric GT Templates. This can be performed by hovering your mouse over each @ symbol, and a dialogue box will appear with the name of the template:

        Note: GT Templates are the newest version of YAPI email templates. You can identify the GT templates as they will have a GT preceding the template name. To learn more about these email templates, see the article Enhanced Email Templates


  1. Enable the "One per Family" InstaReview setting

    1. Open the YAPI Desktop application

    2. Click on the Online section (the globe icon online.png), navigate to the InstaReview selection and select Setup

    3. Find the Automatic section and enable the Only one per family option

Practice Dashboard Settings

The YAPI Practice Dashboard comes equipped with a couple of settings that can be optimized for the performance of pediatric-specific tasks:

  • A common occurrence in Pediatric offices is seeing siblings at the same time. This often means seeing siblings in the same physical operatory. To ensure the YAPI workflow is succinct when two patients are in the same operatory, we recommend adding multiple operatories to your YAPI Practice Dashboard with similar names. This allows office staff to place each child in an operatory, but staff will know that similarly named operatories on YAPI represent the same physical operatory and can adjust workflow accordingly. This step will ensure each child's appointment is tracked accurately despite being in the same operatory.

    Note: Operatories must have unique names (For more information, see the article Adding or Removing an Operatory)

  • Alerts are an excellent way to notify staff members discretely and efficiently of any specific requests or needs for individual child care. Familiarize yourself and your fellow staff with these settings by reading the article Your Guide to Patient Alerts

    Tip: This tool can be used many ways, i.e. when a child arrives that is experiencing behavioral issues, front office staff can easily communicate this to dental assitants by issuing a 'behavioral' alert and assitants can then seemlessly prepare office protocol for managing similar situations

By following these recommendations, your YAPI workflow will be optimized for pediatric patients!

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