Setting Reminders to Send Only on Business Days

Some Dental offices have irregular schedules: they dedicate specific days to perform special appointments only or open the practice on a weekend every other week. This can cause unwanted behavior for YAPI reminders if reminder settings are not properly enacted. 

How to Access Reminders within YAPI


  1. From the YAPI Practice Dashboard, click on the Setup and Manage 2019-09-03_11-44-13.png button, then click the Global Setup option.

  2. Enter the YAPI password when prompted.
  3. From the Global Setup window, click on the Reminders tab.

  4. The Only on business days checkbox will be found on the top-right pink section within the window.

Enabling Business Days Only


This setting will force text messages to only be sent out during weekdays to avoid incoming messages and confirmations from being missed by absent staff at the office. As a consequence, this can also affect the flow of reminders expected to come on weekdays, with reminders intended to be sent out on weekends not being sent for appointments scheduled for certain weekdays, thus causing confusion among staff and patients.

Here are some setting recommendations to avoid missing appointment reminders for offices with an irregular schedule and Business Days Only, starting from the YAPI Dashboard:  

  •  Increase the first reminder to either 3 or 4 days out in the Reminder tab

  • Keep the second reminder to 2 days out to mitigate potential unconfirmed appointments.

  • In the Practice tab of the Global Setup, enable Saturday as an open day by clicking the checkbox next to Saturday and setting the hours on the right-hand side of the checkbox. This can be adjusted going into the  Office Schedule section of the in the right-hand side of the window.


These changes will serve to ensure appointment reminder messages will be sent for every day the practice is active, regardless of irregular schedules.


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