Setting Your Apple Watch to Only Receive YAPI-Related Messages

The Apple Watch is a great tool to receive messages that are essential to staying up to date with patient interaction. To ensure that the only notifications actively received are related to YAPI, this simple adjustment will keep important messages active while nonessential messages do not disturb the doctor's workflow. The following will show how to adjust Apple Watch notifications to only ring when left on vibrate or silent. 

YAPI Contact

To create a YAPI Contact:

  1. Tap on the Phone Icon Apple_Phone-512.png on the iPhone Home Screen to redirect to the phone application. Then, under the Contacts tab, tap on the Add button  IMG_1506.png on the top right corner of the screen to add a new contact.

  2. Name the new contact YAPI, and add 714-30 as the main phone number.

  3. Under Text Tone, select Emergency Bypass On. This will allow only YAPI related messages to bypass the vibrate or silent feature on the Apple Watch and to quickly update providers.



Additional information in setting up the Apple Watch for YAPI can be found in the Apple Watch, Smart Watch Setup Guide.


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