Setting Your Apple Watch to Only Receive YAPI-Related Messages

If you use an Apple Watch to get in-office messages and notifications about patient movement from YAPI, you can configure your iPhone so only YAPI-related messages come through.  This way, you can stay focused on your patients while still utilizing one of YAPI's best tools.  To learn how to set this up, check out our instructions below.

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Step 1: Creating YAPI as an Emergency Bypass Contact

To be able to receive only YAPI-related messages, you need to create and configure YAPI as a contact in your iPhone:

  1. On your iPhone's Home Screen, tap the Phone Icon Apple_Phone-512.png.

  2. Click Contacts tab to open your Contacts list, then click the Add button  IMG_1506.png on the top right corner of the screen.

  3. Name the new contact YAPI, and add 714-30 as the main phone number.

  4. Click Text Tone and select Emergency Bypass On. This allows only YAPI-related messages to bypass Do Not Disturb mode on your Apple Watch.


  5. Tap Done and then Done again to save your new contact.


Step 2: Setting Your Phone to Do Not Disturb

During work hours, set your iPhone to Do Not Disturb.  Your phone will silence all messages except the ones from YAPI, which is now set to bypass your Do Not Disturb setting.  Now you can get your YAPI messages without distraction!


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