Smart Scheduling - Practice Dashboard Setup

Configuring Templates

For the scheduling link to show in recall reminder emails and text messages, a special tag has to be added in their body: {{SCHED}}{{/SCHED}}

{{sched}}  {{/sched}} wraps the message, button, and/or link that will be conditionally rendered. As the YAPI housekeeping process will handle the dissemination of texts and emails, the housekeeping process will check to verify if the Smart Scheduling feature is available and if so, will render the content of the tags into the message. If Smart Scheduling is not available then the contents of the merge tag do not appear.

Smart Scheduling is considered “not available” if:

  1. The feature is not enabled in the YAPI license

  2. The feature is not enabled in the YAPI software configuration (Global Settings > Recall > allow patient schedule online). This is explained at the end of this section.

  3. The patient does not have a birthday in PMS (needed to clarify adult vs. child)

Text can be placed between the tags as well, to be conditionally rendered if the above criteria are met, as shown in the following examples. The Smart Scheduling button will always appear between the two body paragraphs. 

To include the link in a text message, [[link_sched]] must be placed between the tags. This is a placeholder for the scheduling link. In the email, YAPI adds a button automatically.

Below are examples of one of each:

NOTE: Do not attempt to use deprecated email templates, {{SCHED}} {{/SCHED} tags will only work on GT Templates.

GT Email Template to be Used for Smart Scheduling

Dear [[PREFNAME]],

We hope you and your family are well. According to our records, it's been a while since your last [[RECALLNAME]]. Regular dental exams and professional preventive cleanings are the best way to avoid gum disease, cavities, and costly dental emergencies. Call us now at [[PHONE]] or e-mail [[EMAIL]] so that we could get you back on track to keeping your smile healthy!

{{SCHED}}Or better yet, click the button below to view all available appointment spots and schedule your appointments with few clicks.{{/SCHED}} 


NOTE: If you are an Orthodontic office, use only Recall Due and Recall Past Due 1 Email Templates.

TEXT Message Template to be used for Smart Scheduling (Recall)

Hello [[PREFNAME]]! It's time for a [[RECALLNAME]]. Please call us now at [[PHONE]] to schedule your appointment {{SCHED}} or click the following link to the schedule [[LINK_SCHED]] {{/SCHED}}




 Smart Scheduling Templates

At the bottom of this article will also be a downloadable zip folder that will include the templates needed for Smart Scheduling. Instructions on how to import these templates will be found in the Import Document and Template article

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