Smart Scheduling - Dentrix Setup

Dentrix will be the first PMS to support Smart Scheduling. Currently, Dentrix versions G6.2+ support YAPI's Smart Scheduling. For this feature to integrate successfully, the Dentrix Appointment Book should be configured to reflect the practice's availability:

  1. Practice Schedule set
  2. Provider Schedules set for each provider that will be available for Smart Scheduling
  3. Continuing Care Types

Smart Scheduling rules will be affected by the following setup:

  1. Practice default schedule
  2. Providers default schedules
  3. Any Practice or Provider-specific allotted holidays
  4. Providers take precedence over Practice, including if the Provider’s schedule overlaps when the Practice is closed, even on holidays.

Scheduling Setup

  • Access the Appointment Book and click on Setup
    • The Practice Schedule and Provider Schedule under the Provider Setup section must be configured for best results
  • Practice Schedule - Dentrix Instructions
    • If an office has not set their practice schedule in Dentrix, you can help them configure here
    • Select each day and set if they are Open, Closed, or a Holiday will be in effect.
    • Double click on a day to set when the office is open, closed, and is unavailable to schedule during lunch if applicable.
    • Update Operatory Schedules do not need to be enabled for Smart Scheduling to function.
    • Select each Provider that will be eligible for Smart Scheduling and set their schedule.
      • Advise the office that any changes to the provider’s schedule such as vacations or emergency time off will need to be logged in Dentrix. Otherwise, patients will be able to schedule appointments with the provider when they are not available.
      • Similar to setting the Practice’s Schedule, select each day the provider is available for online appointment scheduling and set their known vacation days.
      • Double click their working days to set their schedule, including a lunch period if applicable.

Event Blocking - Dentrix Instructions

  • YAPI will ignore normally available time slots when Events are placed in the schedule, such as a Lunch and Learn time block. Placing events into the schedule will be reflected in YAPI and that time period will be unavailable for Smart Scheduling

Multi-Code Setup - Dentrix Instructions

  • In the event an office would like to use a multi-code (custom code that contains multiple ADA codes) You can guide them to the Office Manager > Maintenance > Practice Setup > Multi-Code Setup


  • Multi-Codes can be added, edited, and deleted.
  • A Description, 3 character Multi-Code and up to 8 ADA codes must be entered.
    • Example: To create an FMX, you must create a multi-code for 2 Bitewings and 6 PAs or 4 Bitewings and 6 PAs to qualify for an FMX.
      • The same ADA code can be added multiple times
  • Configuring Continuing Care Types will utilize a feature unique to YAPI referred to as Dynamic Recall Reminders. The three currently supported types are :
    • Prophy
    • Perio
    • Ortho Adjustment



  • Dynamic Recall Reminders will introduce the necessary information and the ability to reroute patients to the Practice's Smart Scheduling page to set up their appointment. The description for each type will be what will be seen by the patient when they are setting up their appointment for the recall. It is recommended to not specify a cleaning will be introduced in the Periodic examination in case a "deep cleaning" may need to be performed. These active recalls can be found in the YAPI Practice Dashboard under the Recall Manager Setup.
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