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With Smart Scheduling, it's easier than ever for new and returning patients to schedule their appointments with less work for your office. Patients can even schedule appointments with just a few clicks by accessing a widget on your practice website. This feature also integrates with your recall management system, sending reminders and links to patients to help schedule their next visit.

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Benefits of Smart Scheduling

With built-in integrations and automation that comes with Smart Scheduling, this opens up new opportunities for the Practice:

Social Media Integration

Essentially any social media, website, or marketing campaign with the ability to create a Call-to-Action button is able to redirect a patient to the Smart Scheduling portal. What this means is that websites that advertise for your business such as Facebook and Yelp can be set up to create an appointment almost immediately with the press of a button! 

Homepage Widget Integration

A built-in Smart Scheduling widget will also be available to add to your personal practice homepage! Instead of being redirected to another site, patients can remain on the practice website while the Smart Scheduling application is running in the corner of your screen. This allows for easy scheduling anywhere on the website with little to no interference.

Less Work, Less Stress

With the Recalls being powered by YAPI, scheduling new appointments will not require calling into the office for every appointment. 

Higher Production

With the appointment process being more accessible, providers will be able to receive more opportunities to assist patients. This enabling of higher patient volume will increase overall production substantially. 

Fewer Cancellations

With the appointments being handled by the patient themselves, there will be a drastically lower chance for the patient to cancel due to scheduling conflicts.

More Patient Retention

Practice staff will have more opportunities to help patients in the office and less time scheduling over the phone, meaning better patient interaction and a higher return rate!

Insurance Collection

Unlike other competing programs that fulfill similar scheduling features, YAPI's Smart Scheduling is able to collect Insurance Information from the patient before they walk into the office. Before using this feature, the Practice can preselect which Insurance options can be accepted and allow the patient to choose from the list of approved insurances to submit their information.

With all these features and benefits considered, Smart Scheduling is truly the next step to expanding your Dental Practice to a whole new playing field.


New Patients

New patients can visit your website and start their scheduling with a built-in widget or link on the practice's website. They will be greeted with a customizable home page that has the practice logo and can choose the best option that fits their visit. 









Recall Patients

Smart Scheduling also has the ability to determine whether a patient is due for continuing care procedures, such as cleanings, and notify the patient via text or email. Scheduling recall or recare appointments can be completed in 3 easy steps!









Existing Patients

Existing non-recall patients can book an appointment online by entering their contact information to receive a scheduling invitation.

NOTE: To take full advantage of Recall Patient Scheduling, ensure that your YAPI license has Recall enabled. Contact our Customer Support Team to learn more about upgrading your YAPI Subscription at  

Recalls in Three Steps

Recalls will automatically be sent out at set times from your YAPI recall settings. The following steps will be what patients have to do to complete their appointment:

    1. Follow the Link on the Text or Email Recall

    2. Confirm their Birthdate

    3. Select the Time and Date for the Appointment

Existing Patient Appointments

Existing patients can easily book an appointment. Refer to Smart Scheduling - Existing Patient Walkthrough to see an example of what the patient sees when booking.

Done! Being able to schedule your next appointment has never been easier.



Schedule Appointments Any Time

Whether on a desktop or on a phone,  patients can choose the time, date, and provider that fits both the patient's and the practice's schedule.  










Insurance Collection Made Easy

Patients can submit their insurance information easily online from a list of preselected insurance companies and types the practice can accept. Cutting down on the hassle of processing every new patient individually, this streamlined method allows for faster appointment scheduling and easier check-in for the patient on the day of the appointment. 








Security Features

Feel safe knowing you can set up appointments with patients without the worry of false appointments or spam! The Verification Code feature makes sure your appointments will require a valid mobile number to be set up correctly. This will make sure your upcoming appointments are with real patients who truly want to make use of your services.   







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