How to Enable/Disable Emailed Reminder Log

Receiving an email copy of the Reminder Log can help raise awareness for Practice Administrators when it comes to seeing upcoming trends and receiving updates for their potential appointments. In some cases, the practice would like to enable or disable this feature depending on the amount of information they require to function. Fortunately, the ability to adjust this feature is easy to access and can be turned off or on at any time. The following will show how to enable or disable the Reminder Log sent to the practice email. 


  1. To Enable/Disable the Reminder Log, open the YAPi Dashboard.

  2. Click the Setup and Manage icon 2019-09-03_11-44-13.png at the top of the YAPI Dashboard and click the Global Setup option from the dropdown.

  3. When prompted enter the password.

  4. Within the Global Setup window, click on the Reminders tab.

  5. Click the More Options button at the bottom center portion of the window.

  6. Check or Uncheck the Email Practice Reminders Log


  7. Once the selection is made, click the Ok button on the bottom right corner of the Options window.

  8. Click the Save button on the bottom right corner of the Reminder section in the Global Setup.


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