Filing Forms from the Unfiled Documents Window

Did you forget to submit a document? YAPI will not lose these documents and there are no worries about losing them later! Documents that weren't transferred into the Practice Management Software from a day prior will appear on YAPI the next day as an Unfiled Document.

YAPI is able to temporarily hold on to these files but to get the best use out of this feature these documents should be filed away as soon as possible. Luckily enough this process is quite easy and can be accomplished in less than a minute! The following article will show how to file away unfiled documents. 


How to File Unfiled Documents

When YAPI starts up its Practice Dashboard, an additional pop-up will appear in the center. This unfiled document queue will include the name of the patient and the date the document was submitted into YAPI. Clicking the form will introduce two options: Open and Remove.


  • Open - Click Open to open the Document Viewer window. From this window, the document can be Viewed and Filed away to the designated Patient or sent back to the iPad for a Provider signature


  • Remove - Click Remove to remove the document from the Unfiled Document list. Clicking Remove will bring up a confirmation pop-up, in which case the user can click Yes or No whether the document should be removed. Once all documents are removed from the list, the Unfiled Document window will disappear.


NOTE: When a document is submitted after being opened, the document will persist in the Unfiled Document list until prompted for removal. Be sure to remove the document when no longer in use.
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