Filing Forms from the Unfiled Documents Window

If you left a patient with unfiled forms in the Dashboard overnight, you may see an Unfiled Documents window pop up when you open YAPI in the morning.  When YAPI does housekeeping overnight, it removes all patients from the Dashboard and collects as many of their unfiled forms as it can so that you can still file them.  To file these forms and remove them from the window, follow the instructions below.

Important! The Unfiled Documents window is not meant to be used daily.  It's a temporary failsafe to catch forms if you accidentally forget to file them.  We recommend always filing patient forms by the end of the day and if forms appear in the Unfiled Documents window, file them immediately.

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Step 1: Filing Forms from the Unfiled Documents Window

  1. In the Unfiled Documents window, click on a patient's name and select Open.  


  2. In the Document Viewer that pops up, file each form as you would any iPad form. For complete instructions on filing iPad forms, see Filing iPad Forms into Your Practice Management Software.


  3. Once all forms are filed for the patient, continue to Step 2 below to remove the forms from the Unfiled Documents window.


Step 2: Removing Forms from the Unfiled Documents Window

Because the Unfiled Documents window was designed as a failsafe, forms don't automatically delete from the window once they're filed (like they would in the Document Queue or the patient's Document Folder.) Instead, you must remove each patient's forms manually.  Otherwise, the Unfiled Documents window will stay on your Dashboard and continue flashing until you remove all the forms.

To remove forms once you've filed them into Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft:

  1. In the Unfiled Documents window, click on the patient's name whose forms you've already filed above.  Then select Remove


  2. When ask if you want to remove the patient's documents, click Yes.


Note: The Unfiled Documents window will disappear once all forms are filed and removed.


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