Reminders Sent Report

 An easy to read page log to review outgoing appointment reminders is a vital logistical tool for any Dental Practice. In some cases, it is almost a necessity so as to determine whether patients have been able to review and confirm the times they have for their appointment. Thankfully YAPI has an easy to access log to show the current status of appointment reminders in a digital and printed format.

The following article will show how to find the Reminders Sent Report.

Finding the Reminders Sent Report


  1. Click the Reports 2019-09-24_14-04-36.png button, this will create a drop-down list. 

  2. From the drop-down list, click on the Appointment Reminders option. An additional drop-down list will appear.

  3. Click on the Reminders Sent Report to open the Appointment Reminders window. 

  4. After adjusting the search parameters, click the Get button on the bottom right corner to populate the list of sent reminders. 

Reading the Reminders Sent Report


  1. Patient - This column is dedicated to the patient that is receiving their appointment reminder.

  2. Available Communication - This column will show what means of communication is available for the patient, the @ symbol meaning their Email address, and the Phone Screen_Shot_2019-09-24_at_1.54.51_PM.png symbol meaning their mobile number.

  3. At - This column shows the original time the appointment is supposed to occur.

  4. Provider - This column is to show which Provider will be assigned to the appointment. 

  5. Confirmation Screen_Shot_2019-09-24_at_1.54.51_PM.png- The green flag icon is intended to show whether the patient confirmed their appointment through email or through their mobile phone. 

  6. Email Reminder - These columns shows the date these email reminders were sent out.

  7. Text Reminder - These columns show the date these text reminders were sent out. 

  8. Postcard Reminder - This column is intended to show when a postcard reminder was sent out. 

  9. Print - The Print button will create a printable version of the Appointment Reminders list.

  10. Search Options - Specific patients can be searched for with date filters and name searches.

    • Date Options - Patients searched via Date options can be viewed with either the Appointment Date or the Sent Date. These dates can be further narrowed down via the date field at the right of the Date type selection.

    • Last Name - Patients can be searched via their Last Name by clicking on the Last Name option and filling in the name in the field box at the right of the option.

  11. Get - The Get button will populate the list of patients that are currently accessible within the search conditions. 

Reminders Sent Exceptions Report

An additional report that can be viewed will be the Reminders Sent Exceptions Report. The purpose of this report would be to specify the reasons a reminder was not sent for a specific patient. 



  1. Appt Date - The date of the appointment.

  2. Appt Time - The time of the appointment.

  3. First and Last Name - The name of the patient who has their appointment.

  4. Sent Date - The date the appointment reminder was sent.

  5. Type - The method used to send out the appointment message.

    • M - Mobile

    • E - Email

  6. Email - The saved email on record.

  7. Mobile - The saved mobile phone number on record.

  8. Result - The result of the appointment message and why it was not sent.

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