Sending Emails to Patients Manually

YAPI uses automated processes to send reminders, recalls, and New Patient Online Package with a set schedule on how these processes will proceed. In some circumstances that can be out of our control, such as contact information changes or downtime on the server, messages may fail to send for certain patients. To circumvent these possibilities, it is still possible to manually send certain templates to patients to make sure certain messages such as the New Patient Online Package still gets sent to the patient. 

The following article will show how to send manually send templates to patients via the Patient Finder. 

NOTE: Appointment reminders will not send correctly if done via this method. Use either the How to Send Appointment Reminders Manually article for specific patients or the How to Manually Send Out Reminders When They Haven't Gone Out For The Day article for sending reminders en masse. 

Patient Finder 


  1. Click on the Patients icon PatientsIcon on the top-left corner of the Practice Dashboard. This will create a dropdown with a list of options. 

  2. From the dropdown, click on the Patient Finder option. This will introduce the Patient Finder window. 


  3. Search for the patient via their Last Name, Phone, or Email.

  4. Click the Search button on the far right side of the window, this will populate a list of patients that share the same last name. 

  5. Click on the Patient you wish to send the template to. This will introduce a dropdown with a set of options.

  6. Click on the Communications option, followed by the Email option, then click the Send Email option.

Sending Email Template


 Through the prior method of finding the patient through the Patient Finder to begin the initial contact, YAPI was able to auto-populate the Email Address of the patient. 

  1. To use a template for this particular email, click on the Use Template checkbox on the left-hand side of the Send Email window. This will make the dropdown to the right available. 

  2. Click on the Template Dropdown on the right of the Use Template checkbox

  3. Choose a template you wish to send to the patient. If you were planning on sending a New Patient Online Package, click on GT - Manual - New Patient Welcome With Document Link.

    NOTE: There are two different GT - New Patient Templates, the Manual one is intended to be sent to patients as its name implies, manually. The other New Patient Template not named Manual is set up to be used with automated email process and will include Merge Tags, or code that will not work correctly if it were to be sent manually. Always use the Manual version.


  4. Once the template is selected, click the Send button on the bottom-right corner of the Send Email window. 



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