Grouping Forms Together for a Patient to Sign on the iPad

Need to compile a list of consents forms but didn't make a preset package prior? YAPI has the ability to create an "On-The-Go" iPad document package on the fly, meaning miscellaneous documents can be compiled together into one package for easy access. This article will show how to select and dispense an On-The-Go package in only a few easy steps! 


  1. Open the YAPI iPad Dashboard.

  2. Hold down the Clipboard icon 2019-10-22_09-48-04.png for the patient the will be receiving the package. 

  3. Click on Sign Document.

  4. Under the Forms section, hold down to select which documents to add to the On-The-Go package. Hold down a selected document to deselect it from the list.

  5. After making the document selection, click on the yellow MORE button on the left-hand side of the page. This will expand to additional options. 

  6. Click on the Use button. This will compile the selected documents into one page and each document can be started in any order. 

  7. Once all documents are completed, click on the Forms and Documents button on the top-left corner to return back to the document selection. 

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