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Need to a patient to sign multiple forms that aren't in a pre-made package?  In the YAPI iPad app, you can group forms together for a patient like consents and office policies, so they can complete all their forms at once.  This article will show you how to group a patient's forms together in an easy-to-complete package.

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Grouping Forms Together


  1. In the YAPI iPad app, locate your patient in the Dashboard.

  2. Swipe across their colored bar (left to right OR right to left).

  3. In the Forms section, tap and hold on the name of each form that you want your patient to complete.  This turns the form name orange.

    Tip: To deselect a form, tap and hold on its name again.
  4. Optional: In the Packages section, tap and hold on any packages (like new patient paperwork) that the patient also needs to complete.

  5. Tap the orange More tab on the left-hand side of the screen and select Use.  

  6. Hand the iPad over to your patient and ask them to return it when they're finished completing all the forms you've assigned to them.


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