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YAPI is able to directly retrieve information from the Practice Management Software to auto-populate all the available providers. Some information can actually be adjusted directly into YAPI which can be used to better apply information for Appointment Reminders and additional features offered by YAPI. The following article will show how to access and edit the Provider list within YAPI.

How to Access the Providers List


  1. To find the Provider list, open the YAPI Dashboard.

  2. Click the Setup and Manage icon 2019-09-03_11-44-13.png at the top of the YAPI Dashboard and click the Global Setup option from the dropdown.

  3. Enter your password and click Ok when prompted.

  4. Within the Global Setup window, click on the Providers tab.

Editing the Provider List


  • Double-clicking the associated ID for the provider will introduce a window to manually change the color of the provider when viewing them in the YAPI Dashboard.


  • Double-clicking the First, Last, Email, Phone, Mobile, #Slack, and Pref Name will allow these fields to be editable. 

  • Right-clicking a row will introduce a new set of options:

    • Set Color - This will introduce the color editor used to change the assigned color for the provider. 

    • Set Sound - This will assign a sound to a provider when they are being summoned to a particular operatory or area. Selecting this option will introduce a new window that will include a list of preset sound effects.


    • Remove Sound - This will remove the sound that was assigned to the provider. 

    • Revert to PMS - This will have the provider information saved on the Practice Management Software be applied to the provider row saved on YAPI. This includes Color, First Name, Last Name, Phone, Mobile Phone, and Email. 

  • Active Providers can be checked whether they are currently in use at the Practice or not.  

    NOTE: If a patient assigned to a disabled provider is attempted to check into the YAPI Practice Dashboard, the patient will not check in. Confirm the status of the provider in the Practice Management Software and the Provider List within the YAPI Dashboard. 
  • Default Pref Name - This is the default preferred name for Providers that can replace specific providers within documentation and electronic messaging. This field will typically reference a Practice as an entity or the default provider as a representative of the Practice. 


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