Configuring Your Practice's Network for YAPI Installation

For YAPI to work properly, your practice's network must be configured with several firewall, antivirus, and web proxy exceptions.  We recommend sending the information below to your Network Administrator or dedicated IT personnel so they can make these adjustments for you:


  1. Make sure that the appropriate YAPI firewall exceptions were added into the Advanced Settings of Windows Defender Firewall or within any other firewalls that are present like SonicWall and Sophos.

    NOTE: It is highly recommended that any port forwarding in relation to external firewalls be done by the Network Administrator or your practice's primary IT company.
  2. Open the following firewall ports:

    80 - HTML

    443- TLS/SSL

    587- SMTP

    18000, 18001, 18003 - YAPI-Proprietary Communication (TCP)

    18002 - YAPI Discovery Broadcast (UDP)

    18800, 18802 - YAPI-to-PMS Communication (TCP)

  3. Add exceptions for the following domains in your firewall or DNS configuration if needed:




  1. If the server is running an antivirus program such as Norton, McAfee, or Malwarebytes, temporarily disable these programs and restart your YAPI Service to see if the antivirus interacts with any YAPI processes or with POP.

  2. White list the following folders from your antivirus' scans if the folders exist:

    • Always check to make sure the directories exist prior to whitelisting.

    • The path for the YAPI Dashboard may vary depending on what date YAPI was installed. 

    • If your office uses a drive other than C:\ for storage then the drive letter may be different for you than the one listed below.

    • Be sure to include all subdirectories and executables in your whitelist if your AV supports it.

    Folders to exclude from scans

    On workstations:

    • C:\YAPI

    • C:\Program Files\YAPI

    • C:\ProgramData\YAPI

    On the server:

    • C:\YAPI Inc\YService

    • C:\Users\*******\AppData\Local\Practical Dental Solutions\YService

  3. Reenable the antivirus program.
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