Practice Online Portal - Patient's Record

To search for a patient:

  1. On the navigation pane, click Patients.

    A search field will display with a radio button group on top. The radio buttons will toggle the search parameters to search for patients via last name, email or phone number. 


  2. Type the search information and Click on the search icon A list of patients that match your criteria will be displayed. 


  3. Click on the desired patient from the results list to access the patient details screen.

The screen is divided into 4 tabs: Summary, Health, Appointments, Text, and Email.

  • Summary: This section displays the patient's contact information, reports recent activities, and is the access point for the family member list:


    Click on the Family Members button to view the family members list. Click on any to go to their record:


  • Health: Lists all medical conditions, medications, and allergies.


  • Appointments: Shows the patient's upcoming and past appointments.


    Appointments for all family members can be viewed by selecting Family from the Selected Appointment list dropdown.


          Click on any appointment to access  the appointment details page:


  • Text: Shows the text history between the patient and the practice. From here you can also text the patient. For more details on text messaging, see the next section for Texting.


  • Email: Shows the history of email messages sent to the patient.


Click on any email message to display the email body.


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