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Looking for a quick and easy way to review text messages your practice has sent or received? Need to contact a patient directly concerning their account? The Practice Online Portal (POP) allows you to manage all of this and more. Read the following article to learn where to access text message information on the Practice Online Portal and where you can send new messages to patients. 

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Why Use Text Messages on the Practice Online Portal?

The Practice Online Portal provides information about your practice's text messages through YAPI, allowing for an easier review of messaging. Being able to easily access text information across your entire practice is invaluable for excellent patient service and auditing communications. In addition, having all of this information in one place saves you the hassle of searching through multiple places.

The Practice Online Portal also includes a feature to contact patients directly via text. This allows for a quick, simple way to reach out to customers for any reason your practice might have. Patients can respond to your messages, and their responses are recorded within the application. This way you can communicate with your customers more efficiently and effectively.

Text Message Screen

The Text Message screen on the Practice Online Portal displays text message activity across your entire practice. This includes messages sent directly from the Practice Online Portal, automated messages and reminders, as well as texts sent from the Practice Dashboard. Most recent messages are displayed at the top, in descending order. POP allows you to view up to 200 messages from the past 7 days. 

Clicking on a text message shows the message thread linked to the associated phone number. Note that this can include messages sent to multiple patients if a phone number is shared across a family account. 

The Practice Online Portal also uses a consistent set of icons across the application to display information about text messages. These appear next to the text message body and give the user details about the patient and the message itself. Learn the meaning of each icon below.


mceclip0.png Message Sent mceclip1.png Patient Phone Number mceclip2.png Message Received mceclip3.png New Patient

mceclip0.png Message Sent

Screen_Shot_2019-05-14_at_2.15.22_PM.png The left-pointing arrow indicates that the message was sent from the practice.

mceclip1.png Patient Phone Number

The patient phone number identifies the text thread associated with a specific patient. Multiple patients may be associated with the same phone number when grouped in a family file. 

mceclip2.png Message Received

Screen_Shot_2019-05-14_at_2.15.38_PM.png The right-pointing arrow indicates that the message was received from the patient.

mceclip3.png New Patient

mceclip0.png This identifies that the patient is a new patient. A patient is considered a "New Patient" until a family file is created for the patient.

Texts through the Patient Records

By opening a specific patient record, you can access the Text tab. Here, you can view message history for the specific patient account, as well as send messages directly to the patient. To learn more about the patient record screen and its other features, visit Practice Online Portal - Patient's Records.


mceclip2.png Date mceclip4.png Time mceclip5.png Message History mceclip6.png Text Message Body Field

mceclip2.png Date

The date that messages were sent or received is shown by a banner line that stretches across the screen.

mceclip4.png Time

The time messages were sent or received is displayed in bold above the message. 

mceclip5.png Message History

Text messages are shown in light gray below the time of the message. Most recent text messages are displayed at the top, in descending order. 

mceclip6.png Input Text Here Field

The Input Text Here field allows you to send texts to the patient. Here, you can draft messages with this text field before sending them directly to the patient. Message history on the Text tab automatically updates with your new message. 

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